What’s Different About Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee is significantly less acidic than traditional coffee. Since you’re not extracting the coffee with hot water, significantly less acid is extracted from the grounds. Since the extraction process is slower and less prone to oxidization, the coffee itself can be up to 66% less acidic than it’s hot brewed counterpart. This leads to a much smoother coffee that wont upset your stomach, throat, or impact allow acids to negatively impact the taste of the coffee.

Speaking of taste, the taste difference between the two methods can be noticed with jus one sip. Since less acid is extracted via cold brewing, the cold brew coffee is significantly less acidic tasting. This allows for more of the coffee notes to shine through. Much more of the flavor from the bean is imparted into a cold brew than traditional coffee. While cold brew coffee doesn’t have the aromatic experience associated with a hot coffee, you experience the same coffee oils in a different way. Rather than heating and evaporating into a vapor you can smell, you swallow those same oils via your retro-nasal passages and experience the aroma a whole new way.

Moving on to versatility, cold brew coffee can be enjoyed a number of ways. Since it is less volatile, its flavor degrades at a much slower rate and can survive many more conditions than its hot drip sibling. You may have noticed that hot coffee tastes gross after it’s sat out and gone cold. Not the case for cold brew! You can enjoy it cold, over ice, and even heat it up! The flavor won’t change, as it is a much more chemically stable product.

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