Walnut apricot crepe cake

 Crepe cakes are one of my go-to recipes when I am bored of other uses of eggs from our laying hens. They are always crowd-pleasers, and once you get used to making crepes, they come together very easily. This one imitates the Gerbeaud cafe’s classic cake: walnut, apricot, chocolate. I did end up adding a chocolate ganache frosting right before serving, as I did not want the chocolate to dry out the top crepe (osmosis would move water from the crepe into the chocolate, making it liquidy, while making the top crepe rubbery).


crepes from 5 eggs and 3 cups of flour

300g walnuts

5 tbsp sugar

13 oz apricot jam

2 oz chocolate

1 tbsp heavy cream 


Prepare the crepe batter in advance, and let it rest. Cook up the crepes.

Process the walnuts in a food processor, until finely ground. Mix with the sugar.

Process the jam in the food processor, until smooth and easily spread. 

Layer the crepes alternating with the jam and the walnut.

Microwave the chocolate and heavy cream briefly, until cream comes to a boil. Allow to sit for a few seconds and stir well to dissolve the chocolate. Top crepes with it right before serving.

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