Three Breans – What’s The Significance?

It starts in Italy with a glass of liqueur, not with a cup of coffee. Sambuca is an Italian anise-flavored liqueur that has been enjoyed by people on the boot for centuries. While it is only documented in it’s current form as far back as 130 years ago, the Latin word “sambucus” (meaning Elderberry, a spice used in Sambuca) suggests that the drink may have been enjoyed by societies as ancient as the Etruscans. FYI the Etruscans are very, very old. As appreciation for Italian culture spread through the world during the Dolce Vita period of the 1950’s and 1960’s, their love for Sambuca spread with it.

Ok, cool Zach and Collin, thanks for the history lesson. But what does some bottle that gathers dust in the back of my parent’s liquor cabinet have to do with the name of your coffee company?

We’re glad you asked. Italian culture is heavily steeped in symbolism, Catholicism, and respect for history. This fascination with symbolism carried over into their mixology. Hence the birth of the three coffee bean garnish.

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