Thai basil chicken


I planted a garden last year. My friends donated some surprise seeds to me, and the best product of that was this incredible Thai basil. I had no idea just how very different Thai basil was from its Italian relative. I will be planting these every year now. This dish will work with Italian basil, but I am sure will not be comparable to the wonder it becomes with the Thai herb.


2/3 cups chicken broth

2 tbsp oyster sauce

2 tbsp soy sauce

1.5 tbsp fish sauce

2 tsp white sugar

2 tsp brown sugar

4 tbsp vegetable oil

2 pounds chicken breast

0.5 cup thin-sliced onion

8 cloves minced garlic

0.25 cup minced hot pepper 

2 cups thin-sliced fresh Thai basil leaves


Whisk together the broth, sauces, and sugars.

Mince chicken (to much smaller pieces than in the picture). Heat half the oil in a large skillet and sear the chicken until light brown. Repeat with the rest of the oil and chicken.

Remove the chicken from the pan and cook the onions and diced pepper until they get a bit of color. Add the crushed garlic. Cook for a minute.

Add in the sauce and add back the chicken. Cook until the glaze thickens onto the chicken. Stir in the Thai basil and cook until just wilted. Serve over warm rice!

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