Strange Brews Edition 6 – Jacu Bird Coffee

These bird boys are not typically coffee eaters. Rather, they’re attracted to them by circumstance. A pioneering farmer, Henrique Sloper, created the practice. Sloper prescribes to a very unique type of farming, known as Biodynamic Farming. We cannot stress how hip this farming practice is. It utilizes both the cosmic cycles on the moon as well as a combination of different natural fertilizers (i.e. other animal’s poop) to create a holistic growing environment. Do we understand it? Absolutely not. But the Jacu Birds go absolutely crazy for it.

Sloper noticed that the birds were particularly attracted to his farm, and that they really got after the coffee cherries on it. A coffee connoisseur himself, he was familiar with both Civet Coffee and Kopi Luwak Coffee (yep, we’ve covered them) and saw straight cash homie. To quote the man directly: “The real challenge lay in convincing my coffee pickers that instead of berries, they needed to be hunting for bird-shit.”

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