Strange Brews Edition 5 – Coffee Soda

Full disclosure, neither of these projects panned out. Despite receiving great reviews and tons of press, Keepers shut their doors and Stumptown cancelled their sparkling line. Why? We’re not quite sure. Maybe hipsters don’t dictate mainstream coffee culture. Maybe they were still ahead of their time. It’s still a drink served in coffee shops, but there don’t appear to be canned options on shelves.

Now, there have been other, more significant failures in the coffee soda space as well. Both Pepsi and Coca Cola came out with their own coffee flavored colas, only to fall flat on their faces. This new trend is a bit of a departure from their attempts in the late 90’s, as it’s carbonated coffee rather than trying to combine a coffee flavoring with the strong profile of a cola. Additionally, with the rise of the ready-to-drink coffee market, more people are looking for innovative canned coffee beverages. Finally, a cold brew coffee works much better for this than a traditional hot coffee, as the flavor notes from a cold brew style coffee better compliment the lightness of the carbonation.

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