Spinach and egg panini

Paninis are my favorite! Well, anything made with good bread is my favorite really. It is nevertheless amazing how simply toasting a sandwich will elevate it.


8 sourdough bread slices

14 oz spinach

2 cloves garlic

0.5 cup sundried tomatoes packed in oil

6 fried eggs



6 oz pepperjack cheee


Sautee the spinach until wilted and dried somewhat. Mix in the crushed garlic and heat through.

Mince the sundried tomatoes.

Fry the eggs.

Separate the bread slices to make 4 pairs. Spread one of each pair with mayo and sriracha. Sprinkle on the spinach, the diced tomatoes, and distribute the fried eggs on top. Top with cheese slices.

Toast until nice and crunchy outside. Serve warm (but allow it to cool a bit).

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