Origin Story Pt. 3 | The Official NuRange Coffee Journey – NuRangeCoffee

The last hurdle was establishing a roast level. If the coffee bean is the grape in our metaphor, the roast level is the fermentation process. Beans are roasted to certain levels of darkness. The darker the bean, the longer it’s been roasted. A darker roast is typically much stronger in coffee taste, but loses more of it’s flavor notes. The caffeine content also lowers with the roast level. Light roasts are more acidic, higher caffeine content, but less of an aroma and flavor. Medium roasts represent the balance between the two.

At NuRange, we use a dark roast, “past second crack.” This is one of the darker roasts you can make. As we mentioned earlier, dark roasts are less acidic, less caffeinated, and have more coffee notes. A darker roast develops the caramel and chocolate flavors in the beans we were looking for, while eliminating acidity, fruit and soil tones in the coffee. 

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