My family and staff made this cake for me BEFORE I left to shoot last year. Wit…

My family and staff made this cake for me BEFORE I left to shoot last year. With this kind of faith and encouragement, I was destined to win!

While I still take ownership of all the hard work, I fully realize that no man (or woman) is an island. There was a village to help me get to this point.

@davidcwingfield for that epic pep talk around episode 8 and putting up with all my neourotic texts. @shakestur and @krupa.joshi.desai for being my biggest cheerleaders.

All the Wingfields and Desais for always lying to me about how nice, kind, and talented I am. They’re the nice and kind ones. @rerphotobug and @thecakeburrow cake for holding the fort down whenever I’m gone and for this cake. @christinamdick for ALL the help at all times, especially conceptualizing the virtual watch party. @duffgoldman @kardeabrown @fullerfarmer for their excellent palates, letting me be me, and accepting all my crazy concoctions. @alikhaneats for the most profound message ever on my last post (go read it), and for being an all around wonderful human.

To all the producers and crew members of the show, pretty sure they lost some sleep because of me during the shoot.

To my two finalists @professorcake and @sweetasloveoc they pushed and inspired me to do better, because they were so so good. Keep an eye on the great things they do going forward!

To all of you…wow! The love and support that I’ve amassed in the last 3 months is enough for three lifetimes.

And lastly to my two children. I live and die for both of you.

I hope I can continue to do good and live up to your expectations!


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