L-Theanine – Is It Magic?

In a 2012 study conducted in Australia, researchers were able to observe a noticeable change in people’s mental focus when they consumed a combination of L-Theanine and cafffeiene. To sum up the study, those that took the combination committed fewer errors on a test than the control group. Does L-Theanine make you smarter? We can’t legally say. But we definitely feel smarter after drinking our coffee for a year now.

Outside of attentiveness, there are a litany of other benefits that have been observed by people taking L-Theanine. There are claims that it aids in relaxation, because L-Theanine can reduce your resting heart rate. Due to it’s slight umami flavoring, it can make you feel more full and reduce your appetite. What does a reduced appetite cause? Weight loss. Will NuRange Cold Brew Coffee get you your summer bod? Again, we can’t legally say it will, but just check out how chiseled we are if and when pool season ever returns.

In addition to weight loss and relaxation, there are a few other suspected benefits to L-Theanine. It has properties suspected to boost your immune system, as well as anti-inflammatory effects that can prevent illness. It has been linked to reduced blood pressure, which can counteract your risk of stroke and heart attacks. All of these are alleged benefits from published studies, but it AIN’T pseudo-science.

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