Kids’ Cooking Camp!! – Dinner With Julie

Schools are closed (in Alberta, there’s no online school this week either), it’s cold outside, and since we aren’t able to see the people and do all the things we’d like to right now, we can learn a few new recipes!

We’re going to do a free cooking class every day this week (Tuesday, January 4-Friday, January 7) at 10 AM MT (9 AM PT and noon ET!) for kids of all ages to join from wherever you are… and parents can decide how much to help!

There’s no need to register. I’ve boosted my zoom account to accommodate 1000 people… if for some reason a class fills up and you aren’t able to join in (or you aren’t able to join at that time), I’ll record each class and you can watch and cook along later!

I’m adding info below as I set them up – check back for updates! Let me know if you have any questions, or if there’s something you’d like to learn to make! Hope to see you there!!

xo Julie

Kids’ Cooking Camp #1 – Biscuits and Sticky Cinnamon Biscuits!

On Tuesday morning, we’ll learn how to make biscuits -and also my favourite cinnamon sticky biscuits! You can make one or both, and customize your biscuits however you like – make them plain, cheesy, or add berries or chopped chocolate! The cinnamon sticky biscuits are like cinnamon buns, only faster, because you don’t need to wait for a yeast dough to rise!

Tuesday, January 4, 10 AM MT (9 AM PT/12 ET)
Click here for a PDF of the recipes (including the zoom link!)
Zoom link:

Kids’ Cooking Camp #2 – Pie and Pastry

On Wednesday, January 5 we’re going to learn how to make pastry, and then we’re going to take that pastry and make butter tarts OR an apple galette OR a butter tart pie! I will make all three just to show you, but you can choose whichever you like! (And if you want to make a different kind of galette instead of apple, use the fruit you have -if it’s frozen, don’t thaw it!- and I’ll talk you through how much sugar and flour or cornstarch you need!)

Wednesday, Jan 5, 10 AM MT (9 AM PT/12 ET)
Click here for a PDF of the recipes (including the zoom link!)
Join Zoom Meeting:

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