Hospital Coffee Donation Program Update

We figured people needed the clean energy of our coffee. So, we began a social media campaign to help coordinate donations with local Denver-area hospitals. While the program started out slow, we quickly picked up steam as word spread over social media. We’re incredibly thankful to everyone who reached out to coordinate donations and nominate local healthcare workers for significant discounts on our products.

When all was said and done, the NuRange Coffee Hospital Donation Program was a great success! **borat voice** We had the privilege of donating over $2500 worth of product to 12 area hospitals. We went as far as Boulder to complete our donations, and we were even able to donate n95 masks and gloves to the UC Health Network!

In addition to the donations, we ran a 50% discount for all healthcare workers. Countless nurses and doctors placed orders to get the clean energy they needed. We want to give a special shoutout to our friends over at 5280 for recognizing our work and helping to get the word out!

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