Green tomato relish

I had an overflowing amount of green tomatoes when the first snow hit last fall. Yes, I am this late to post this recipe! To salvage some of the massive crop, I canned some green tomato relish. This is delicious with grilled meats, but also perfect to mix into your tuna salad.


50 larger cherry tomatoes

2 red bell peppers

1 green bell pepper

3 jalapenos

4 large yellow onions

1 tbsp celery seed

2 tbsp mustard seed

1 tbsp salt

1.5 cup white sugar

1 cup cider vinegar


Process all the vegetables into a chunky shred in a food processor. Scoop out onto a cheese cloth and suspend over a bowl to drip. Drain for an hour.

Combine the drained mixture with the spices, sugar, and vinegar in a large pot. Bring to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes. Scoop into canning jars.

Can according to directions on canner.

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