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Make this creepy-cute sprinkle cake for a fun Halloween party centerpiece. Ghost candy bark makes an edible cake topper and adds an extra-scary dimension.

Ghost Bark Cake

Hello, friends! Halloween is fast approaching – a little too fast, if you ask me. And I’m pleased to share my latest effort for Food Network. This Halloween-themed ghost cake is a fun and colorful confection dressed in black chocolate frosting and lots of sprinkles. It would make a tasty, eye-catching centerpiece for a ghoulish gathering.

Halloween Hues.

Begin with some fluffy buttermilk cake layers. Whenever a cake requires a colorful interior, I turn to this white cake recipe. Most cake-makers are familiar with the WASC cake (white almond sour cream) that uses white cake mix as an ingredient. The finished batter takes on food color very well, and yields rich hues. For this recipe I swapped the sour cream for buttermilk and it worked beautifully.

Use black or dark chocolate cocoa powder for the black chocolate buttercream so you won’t need to add loads of black food color. Black cocoa powder will yield the best results, and it darkens as it sets on the cake.

You’ll see in the video that I use a special technique to get those rings of sprinkles on the cake. It’s the same spray and roll technique I used for Peach Ring Cake, and it’s not too hard to master!


The ghost bark is just TOO CUTE. There are lots of versions of it online, and I thought it would be a snap to make. Ha! Not so much. But there’s a trick to it. I ran into issues with the candy setting up before I could get all the ghosts piped and swirled on. But I discovered if you keep your oven at 200F, you can pop the entire sheet of bark in there for 2 minutes and the whole thing will re-melt. Use this re-heating technique and you’ll have a much easier time!

Ghost Bark Cake

Worth it! Look how cute. The best tool for making the ghostly arm and body trails is a chopstick. A toothpick is too thin for this job.

When the candy is set, break it apart and use it for an edible cake topper. Insert shards upright so that it appears the ghosts are floating upwards!

Ghost Bark Cake

The interior is tangy, almost like a red velvet cake (it’s all that buttermilk!) and it is wrapped in the darkest chocolate frosting. Which tastes much like an Oreo cookie!

You can find the recipe for Ghost Bark Cake on, right here. And don’t forget to check out the video, which demonstrates how to get that stripe-y sprinkle effect.

Note: If you’re outside the US, you may not be able to view the recipe due to Discovery’s geo-blocking. If this happens, leave a comment and I’ll work on sending the recipe to your email address.

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