Fried pattypan squash

We have gone all vegetarian. The children haven’t complained (not yet anyway), and our diet supplies a lot more steady energy levels, while making us feel a lot better about our impact on Mother Earth. What precipitated this change? Well, we have been aware of the health and environmental impact of consuming meat for a long time. However, what really pushed us over to eliminating meat altogether (we still have a little eat down to do, which we are doing as one meat-containing meal per week) was a sick chicken. One of our chickies got ill, and had to be euthanized. No one in the family wanted to do it. When the realization hit, that we cannot even euthanize an ill animal…our hypocrisy was clearly illuminated. So…we all just swapped over at that moment. Everyone unanimously agreed that it must be done.

Fried pattypan squash here is an excellent alternative when you are craving a little deep-fried white fish or chicken cutlets.


1 large pattypan squash

4-5 eggs




oil for frying


Peel the squash then cut into half. Remove seeds and cut into thin (0.25-inch) slices. Salt and set aside to drip for an hour.

Coat in flour, beaten eggs, and finally breadcrumbs. Deep fry at high temperature until light brown. Serve with a tasty yogurt dipping sauce or by itself.

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