Ethical Sourcing of Coffee Beans

Fair Trade: It is well known that the coffee farming industry is incredibly complex. Coffee farming is extremely hard work. Most coffee growing regions in the world are located in developing countries throughout Central America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Additionally, coffee is a luxury item and subject to volatile pricing per pound. Often this leads to coffee farmers being treated poorly, exploited, and undercompensated.

At NuRange Coffee, our beans are Fair Trade Certified. This means that we pay a pre-established minimum price per pound to the farmer to protect them from the volatility of prices in the coffee market. This negotiated rate is typically higher than market value, so farmers are receiving the best price for their coffee. A $0.20 cent premium is built in to each pound to be allocated to a community development fund. Our money is going directly to schools, infrastructure, and healthcare in the community we’re buying coffee from.

Single Origin: We chose single origin beans for two reasons. First, is to ensure consistency in the beans. This way each coffee we produce maintains a standard of flavor and taste in each can. Second, is so that we can ensure that we’re improving a specific community. Single Origin means that the beans are all grown in the same geographical region. In our case, it also means that the beans are grown by a number of local farms, which then form a cooperative to represent their collective business interests. By combining their inventories, these farmers are able to leverage themselves against the bigger commercial coffee producers and importers. It is a “power in numbers” scenario. Small farms are able to maintain their small-farm feel and practices, but operate as a much larger business entity.

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