Egg salad wrap with blistered shishitos

Shishitos are these delicious little peppers that were all the rage in the last few years. They taste vaguely like poblanos when seared, but have an amazing creamy texture. About every 10th pepper is spicy, the rest are mild and a little fruity. These wraps were basically perfection.


burrito wrap

2-3 boiled eggs

2-3 tbs mayo

2-3 tbs minced onion

2 oz cheddar cheese

0.25 cup corn ships

5-8 shishitos




Heat a cast iron skillet until very hot, on medium-high heat. Spray the shishitos with oil and toss them into the pan. Allow to blister, sear on all sides. Remove from pan and chop off stems. Shop the rest roughly.

Mash the egg yolks with the mayo. Mix in the onion. Shred the egg whites and add to the yolks. 

Warm up the tortilla and fill with the eggs salad, sliced cheese, shishitos, and corn chips. Serve warm!

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