Easy Raspberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

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These delicious and beautiful Jam Thumbprint Cookies are such an easy cookie recipe! Buttery cookies with a crimson dollop of jam – sweet, scrumptious and utterly addictive! These classic thumbprint cookies could be in a patisserie window, your friends and family are going to love these colorful cookies!

raspberry jam cookies drizzled with icing

These thumbprint cookies are easy to make and taste incredible. They are soft, sweet, and jam filled with delicious jam centers. Make a batch for the family or a batch to gift a friend for the holiday.

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Why you’ll love these Shortbread Jam Cookies

  • A delicious buttery cookie. The cookies are light, crisp and sweet – perfect to cradle all that lovely jam!
  • Packed with jam! These cookies really pop! Every bite is a sweet and tangy mix, divine!
  • Easy to make. Only a handful of ingredients needed, these go from pantry to table in around 30 mins!
  • Great for sharing. Make a big batch and share in a holiday cookie box with friends and neighbors. Also great for cookie exchange parties.
  • Adaptable. You can make these cookies into many flavored variations. Simply choose your favorite jam flavor and substitute with raspberry jam.
  • Butter– Bring your butter to room temperature before starting on the dough.
  • Sugar & Light Brown Sugar– I like using a combination of the two for chewy result.
  • Vanilla Extract– use pure vanilla extract to achieve best flavor. You can also substitute for almond extract.
  • Egg– room temperature is best.
  • Flour- use all purpose flour, sifted for best results.
  • Salt-to balance the sweetness
  • Jam– use any type of jam flavor you prefer.
Top down view of ingredients for jam thumbprint cookies.

How to make these Raspberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies

  • Make your dough: In a stand mixer, mix butter, sugars and vanilla for 5 mins then add in the egg. Next, add in half your dry ingredients, scrape the sides then add the rest.
ingredients of thumbprint cookies in a bowl
  • Make your cookies: Form balls of dough, place on a baking sheet and press your thumb/spoon down on the balls. Be sure to press down on each ball right after you form it. Do not wait on all the balls before you form the imprints. Waiting to form all balls will result in the outer crust to get dry and crack.

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