Easy Oven Roasted Spatchcock Chicken Recipe

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This Spatchcock Chicken is the easiest way to roast a delicious chicken for dinner.  A spatchcocked chicken cooks much faster than a traditional roast chicken so it’s perfect for a busy weeknight meal. Spatchcock roasted chicken comes out tender and juicy every time!

Platter with spatchcock chicken.

This spatchcock chicken is the easiest, fastest, and the perfect way to roast a chicken whenever you’re in a rush. Nothing beats a roasted chicken for dinner as everyone is always excited for it. Spatchcocking means to remove the spine of a chicken and press down, so that the chicken lays flat, speeding up the roasting process and giving you much more crispy skin! 

It’s simple, delicious, and everyone loves it. Chicken is a household favorite and there are almost never any leftovers. If you want another easy chicken recipe, you should try my Creamy Chicken Alfredo Lasagna and my Baked Chicken and Broccoli Pasta! They are some of my favorite weeknight meals that can be made in a jiffy.

Why You’ll Love This Marinated Spatchcock Chicken Recipe

  • It’s faster. It takes less time to roast a spatchcock chicken than a whole chicken as it’s cut open. There’s more surface area for the oven to roast the chicken.
  • It’s easier to carve. As the chicken is flattened and spread out, it’s much easier to carve the chicken to serve after.
  • No more dry chicken. Thanks to how the chicken is cut open, you decrease your chances of having dry chicken! The breasts are just as juicy as the thighs!

Oven Spatchcock Chicken Ingredients

Ingredients needed for spatchcock chicken.
  • Flavored butter: for the flavored butter, you’ll need unsalted butter, garlic, parsley, and Italian seasoning.
  • Spices: you’ll need paprika, black pepper, salt, dried thyme, and ground cumin for the seasoning of the chicken.
  • Whole chicken: you’ll need to thaw a whole chicken. Do not try to roast this from frozen.
  • Olive oil: or any oil you prefer.
  • Onion: cut into thick wedges. You can use any type of onion. 
  • Celery stalk: cut these into 1 inch pieces.
  • Fresh thyme: or any fresh herbs you may have such as rosemary.
  • Chicken broth: I recommend using low sodium when possible.
  • Lemon juice: I recommend using fresh lemon juice and not bottled juice.
  • Cornstarch: to thicken and make a pan sauce with the drippings.

How To Cook a Spatchcock Chicken

  • Prepare the equipment: Preheat the oven to 450F and cover a roasting pan with aluminum foil.
  • Make the butter mixture: In a bowl by combining butter, garlic, parsley, and Italian seasonings.
Butter mixture being made.
  • Spatchcock chicken marinade: In a separate bowl combine the spices paprika, black pepper, salt, thyme, and ground cumin.
Seasoning for spatchcock chicken.
  • How to Spatchcock chicken: Place the chicken on a cutting board and remove the spine using the kitchen scissors. Flip the chicken and press the chicken to completely flat.

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