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So why did we use the coconut cream? It’s for two reasons actually. First, taste is paramount. Let’s face it, dairy is dead. It’s an unsustainable industry that quite frankly, produces an inferior product. As we looked to dairy alternatives, most fell short. They lacked flavor, viscosity, and mouth feel. In short, they were watery and grainy without much taste. Coconut cream provides a more flavorful product.

Second, is for your #health. Coconut cream is so strong that it allows us to use less of it to make a latte product. Our lattes have half of the calories and sugar content that our competitors do. This means that you can drink us regret free. The biggest issue with lattes to this point has never been taste, its just that you can’t commit to #hotboysummer if you’re slugging five a day. We think that we’ve fixed that problem.

Coconut cream is also packed full of MCT oil. MCT oil is full of healthy fats that are good for your body from top to bottom. Rather than dive into the science behind it, we’ve found this incredible article that will handle all of the science speak for us.

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