Coffee Cocktail SZN Vol 7

What’s up everyone? We may still all be stuck at home, but that doesn’t have to stifle our creativity! As the days grow longer we turn inwards for inspiration. In our stir-crazed haze, we thought to ourselves, “Why do we even bother with the cocktail shaker? We ARE the cocktail shaker.” It was at this moment that both a new cocktail and party trick was conceived. With the Deconstructed Mouthtini, not only are you making a show of it, but you create a more personal connection with the drink itself. Because, like, you make the drink in your mouth.

We had you going there, didn’t we? Talking like we had transcended coffee, blogging, and mixology to reach some sort of quarantine Nirvana. The truth is, we’re exceptionally bored and we’re looking for fun ways to keep ourselves amused. This drink arose out of sheer boredom during another mixology session, and our friend wanted to streamline the drink-making process. Instead of waiting while we cleaned and sterilized the martini shaker in between recipes, he went ahead and “mixed” it in his mouth. It was hilarious, we all laughed, and here I am writing a blog about the Deconstructed Mouthtini.

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