Coffee Cocktail SZN Vol 6

So for this guy, you’re going to need a LOT of ice and a blender. Don’t have access to a blender? Reassess your kitchen preparedness and go buy one from Target. We’ll wait.

Back with your blender? Wonderful. Gather all of your ingredients, and begin to measure them out. Add the mixture of NuRange Cold Brew Coffee, vodka, cream, and Dorda to the blender. Next, add as much ice as you can fit, we want this sucker to be thiccccc. Now get ready to blend this bad mama jamma up. FIRST! Make sure your blender is completely closed! (We made this mistake.) Now, hit that blend button with *sass and panache*. Once it’s thickened up, kill the blendy boi and dump it all in a chilled mason jar.

We’re all adults here, but let’s not pretend we don’t like whipped cream. Top it all off with half a can of the good stuff. Hell, if you have cherries, those would go well on top. For best enjoyment, we suggest drinking it with a Metal NuRange Straw.

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