Coffee Cocktail SZN Vol 5

When this is done, this makes the perfect dessert drink. You know those little orange chocolates that grandma always had at her house? These guys. It tastes just like that. The Marula Madess is sweet and tangy with coffee tones. Honestly, this variation of our quarantine might be the tastiest thing we’ve made yet. We’re biased, but our bartender friends are actually pretty excited about it. That’s right, we have bartender friends. We think that makes us bartender adjacent, and with the amount of practice we’ve had during quarantine, we’re now alcoholics expert mixologists.

We’ve had some people ask if we’re going to make something that isn’t a coffee cocktail for this segment. Our answer is: no. We’re a cold brew coffee company, we’re trying to make drinks that incorporate our product. Sure it limits our options, but we found a way to make tequila work. Give it time and we’ll figure out a way to have you drinking coffee vodka sodas. The Marula Madness does it for Coffee Cocktail SZN Volume 5, but keep an eye out for our next world-breaker coming up soon. We still have a TON of time to practice.

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