Coffee Cocktail SZN Vol 4

What really takes this drink over the top is the addition of the coffee ice cubes. This does take some foresight, and an ice tray. The night before you plan on making these, fill an ice tray with some NuRange Cold Brew Coffee and freeze it. That way, as your drink gets warmer it won’t get watered down. Instead, it will get more flavorful.

Add the ice, vodka, Tia Maria, and NuRange Cold Brew to a tall glass and stir the contents. Then, like a trendy Instagram influencer, pour the milk over all of it. The ensuing visuals will look just like one of the dude’s lava lamps. One could even say that it’s “very trippy.” Unlike our other drinks, this one requires no shaking. We love to shake, and we were really getting used to it. However, this only requires some *delicate* stirring.

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