Coffee Cocktail SZN Vol 1

Bored Inside? Have a lot of time and/or alcohol on your hands? Sounds like you’ve come to the right place. NuRange Coffee will be introducing a new segment both here on the blog and on our Instagram: Coffee Cocktail SZN. Being that this is our first submission, it will henceforth be known as Coffee Cocktail SZN Volume 1. A recent survey* by the New York Times indicates that the two most consumed drinks during shelter-in-place are cold brew coffee and alcoholic drinks. Here at NuRange Coffee, we know that this can be the perfect combination. Some (us) would even say that it’s the absolute best way to start your day.

In order to peak your curiosity and get your creative juices flowing, we’ve come up with our first of many drinks: The NuRange Coffee Quarantini. This fun twist on the espresso martini that we know and love pairs great with hangover toast or while you’re making a toast. While more recipes serve as a suggestion, we like to think that the recipe we’ve outlined below is a strict representation of the perfect drink. Continue reading to spice up your life.

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