Buffalo chicken pasta salad

I am a huge fan of spicy food! When I’m craving the flavor of buffalo sauce and I do not have time to make a buffalo chicken pizza: this is my go-to recipe. Adapt as needed!


16 oz medium pasta shapes

1-2 cups diced chicken

3 jalapenos

3 carrots

2 celery stalks

1/3 cup onion

1 cup buffalo sauce

1 cup Ranch dressing

shredded cheese

crumbled blue cheese


Whisk the buffalo and ranch sauces.

Cook the pasta 1-minute under cooking instructions on box. Drain and cool some.

Sear the lightly-salted chicken and immediately toss with a little buffalo sauce. Toss pasta with sauce and chicken pieces. When mostly cooled, mix in minced onions, jalaeno, cheese, and julienned carrots. Quantities of the veggies can be increased.

Allow to sit for an hour before serving with some crumbled blue cheese and more buffalo sauce on top!

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