Balanced Bites

There are several ways Balanced Bites helps you simplify dinnertime:

The recipes and resources that we offer including the blog, hundreds of podcast episodes, multiple cookbooks, and several educational programs. These are the least expensive options (many are even free), but involve the most time on the customer’s part.

The second channel is Balanced Bites Spices. These are available at a much lower dollar cost “per meal” than Balanced Bites Meals, but will of course require your time to shop for ingredients for the rest of your meal, as well as your time to prep and cook the food.

Lastly, the option that requires the least effort (or time cost), but most financial coast—Balanced Bites Meals. You can buy Meals, and dinner is done. You don’t have to do anything else. You can order them each week as you like, as a pre-set box or a customized build-a-box. Or, you can even simplify dinnertime by subscribing to a box of Meals every week, two weeks, and so on.

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