9 Best Cake Stands to Elevate Your Creations

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After putting time and energy into baking and decorating a tasty, beautiful cake, it’s only fair that you should display it on a gorgeous stand. A cake stand will show off the delicious results of your baking labor. And it will keep baked goods fresh, visible, and accessible. Furthermore, it allows you to move your cake without ruining its design or frosting.

The perfect cake stand will provide excellent support for baked products, from heavy pies to layered cakes. It should be practical and pretty. When selecting a cake stand, check the size, stability, material, and style.

Whether your bakes are for a wedding or afternoon tea, they deserve a well-balanced stylish pedestal.

Below, I have details on the best cake stands in the market so that you can display your baked treats in style.

Cake Stand Considerations

The primary purpose of a cake stand is to showcase your baked creations in an elevated position. It also makes decorating your cake easier because you can access all the surfaces of the cake. Additionally, decorative cake stands are fantastic centerpieces.

They add glamour to the overall look of a table, especially at wedding receptions and celebratory events. Here’s what you should consider before spending on a cake stand.


You need a stand made from a versatile material that looks good and is easy to maintain. You’ll find stands made of metal, glass, porcelain, acrylic, and much more. The material should be scratch-resistant and rust-resistant if it’s metallic.


A great stand should have a diameter size that is similar to or slightly larger than your cake. Check whether the cake stand matches your baking dish. We recommend a one-inch allowance around the cake. Plus, you should center your cake on the stand’s top surface without difficulty.


Most baking experts prefer heavier cake stands. It should be evenly weighted and stable, not jerky. The top and base should fit securely. Furthermore, a flatter top will make placing and slicing your cake more convenient.


You don’t need a whole cake crashing on your countertop as you try to decorate it on a rotating cake pedestal. The best cake stands have smooth rotation and excellent bearings that allow you to easily control the stand’s spinning motion. Steer clear of cake stands that are too stiff or too loose.

9 Cake Stands to Show off Your Baked Treats

1. Porcelain Cake Stand

by Sweese

Sweese Porcelain Cake Stand

With its classic white look and clean lines, this cake stand will show off your creations wonderfully.

It’s made of stoneware with a beautiful glaze finish. Plus, it matches with most serving pieces and dinnerware. It will look good displaying bakes with browned exteriors and confections decorated in hues that clash with its white color.

For example, you’ll love the visual effect created when you use this stand to display this spectacular Candy Bar Cheesecake Cake. Furthermore, this cake stand is a great choice for those who love to photograph their baked creations.

2. Marin White Large Cake Stand

by Crate & Barrel

Marin White Large Cake Stand

Here’s another pretty white cake stand with a gorgeous glaze finish, free-form rims, and a solid body.

Made in Portugal, this stoneware piece features a large top that is 13” in diameter. Plus, its simple classic elegance makes it an outstanding display area for your homemade desserts. Moreover, it’s perfect for wedding cakes because it fits most décor perfectly. Many reviewers love its size and versatility.

This pedestal is fantastic for displaying appetizers, fruits, mini cakes, pastries, and much more. Better still, it’s safe for your microwave and dishwasher.

3. Covered Cake Stand

by Sur La Table

Covered Cake Stand

This classy covered cake stand will keep your baked goods fresh and moist. It has a pretty shape with a beautiful footed base. And it features a cake dome with a round knob handle.

Each piece is skillfully handcrafted by Polish artisans. Compared to other covered stands, its cake dome gives better room for taller cakes. The dome is 10” high and 11” wide.

This elegant cake stand will make a fabulous gift for a regular baker. But you must handle the glass dome with extra care whenever you need to hand wash it.

4. Vintage Etched Cake Stand

by Godinger

Dublin Cake Plate Cake Stand

This charming piece is fashioned from hand-cut vintage glass.

It is hand-etched with a cute floral motif. It’s evenly balanced and its top features an attractive, slightly raised scalloped edge. With its 12 ½ “diameter it gives you room to display your bakes and show off its gorgeous motif.

The pretty stand is great for picturesque displays of cakes, hors d’oeuvres, pastries, and confections.

5. Carson Acacia Wood Cake Pedestal

by Crate & Barrel

Carson Acacia Wood Cake Pedestal

The color and wood grain on this piece is gorgeous. This impressive acacia wood cake stand is sure to get you great compliments from friends and family.

Its glass dome adds to its appeal and helps to preserve the freshness of your food. Plus, it has a solid, stable base.

You can use this sturdy pedestal for cheese, crackers, fruit, and individual desserts. Moreover, with its attractive design, this cake stand is a beautiful and useful addition to any kitchen or dinner table. Pair it with other acacia dinner pieces for a truly spectacular presentation.

6. Ateco Revolving Cake Stand with Cast Iron Base and Aluminum Turntable

by Ateco

Revolving Cake Decorating Stand

This turntable is useful for the precise application of icing and other toppings to a decorative cake. It’s evenly weighted with an aluminum top and a cast-iron base. It turns smoothly with no sound and does not shift as you work.

This durable revolving table gives professional-looking decorating results even on layer cakes. Simply turn it with one hand as you beautify your cake with the other.

And when your cake is ready, use the same metal cake stand to show it off. On the downside, it does not lock in place.

7. Modern Cake Stand

by Etsy: AHeirloom

This beautiful custom-made hardwood cake stand is sturdy and functional.

Whether it’s supporting multiple tiered wedding cakes or displaying yummy homemade desserts on your countertop, this stand’s high-quality build won’t let you down.

From the seller’s website, you can choose between maple and walnut woods. You may also opt for a 12” or 14” diameter top. It has a smooth white top and a solid brown base.

8. Marble & Walnut Rotating Cake Stand

by Food52

Make cake frosting a breeze with this reliable and good-looking rotating cake stand.

It has a solid walnut base that ensures the stability of the cake stand as you spin it to add finishing touches to your creations. Your baked treats will look awesome on its gorgeous marble pedestal.

I love that it can go straight from decorating a cake to serving it. The marble also helps to keep your bakes fresh. And with its beautiful design, you’ll want to keep it out on the kitchen counter all the time.

9. Mendocino Stoneware Cake Stand

by Pottery Barn

Mendocino Stoneware Cake Stand

This ceramic cake stand is perfect for showing larger cakes, assorted desserts, and confections. It has a rustic touch and a matte glaze finish that will complement many cake designs.

Crafted by ceramic experts in Portugal, this versatile cake stand is heavy and will be perfect for multiple-tiered cakes.

Recipes to Try

Do you need ideas for cakes that you can display on your new cake stand?

Well, I love the rich moist texture of this flavorful Gingerbread Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Dress it up with cranberries for a beautiful cake that will look fantastic on any cake stand.

You can also try this rich chocolate Peppermint Poke Cake. Cover it with whipped cream and top it with peppermint candy bits for a cake that makes a statement in taste and looks.

Display Your Cake

Don’t just slip your grand cake onto a dinner plate; place it on a pedestal worthy of your baking efforts.

Pick your favorite stand from this list and you’ll be on your way to serving homemade cakes in a visually pleasing way. You can also get multiple pedestals in a variety of shapes and colors for splendid presentations at large parties and special occasions.

The best cake stands can transform any cake into a remarkable one. 

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