8 Best Kitchen Torches To Heat Up Your Kitchen

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Using a kitchen torch to put the finishing touches on meringues or caramelize delicious desserts is a delicate process. One wrong move can ruin the appearance and texture of your meal.

You need a kitchen torch with an intense but safe flame for the perfect crème brûlée, Baked Alaska, or seared sous vide steak. Plus, a culinary torch is a must-have for any aspiring gourmet chef.

It might not be an everyday tool, but for those moments when you need a kitchen torch, we want you to have the best one.  So, if you’ve been looking for a reliable culinary torch, you’re in the right place.

Read on to find out about our carefully selected picks of the best kitchen torches on the market. We reviewed the top models for you. We checked out torches with awesome firepower and easy-to-use triggers.

Let’s start with the most pressing questions!

About Kitchen Torches

Do you need a kitchen torch?

Truth be told, you don’t really need a kitchen torch. But if you want to level up your cooking game, then get one. They’re not just for professional chefs or contestants on TV cooking shows. All home cooks can use a kitchen torch. There’s much more that you can do with a blowtorch other than simply caramelizing custard desserts. Using a torch allows you to achieve the exact level of crispness and taste that your recipes need.

What are kitchen torches used for?

Is crème brûlée the first thing that comes to mind when you think of kitchen torches? Then, you’re in for a sweet surprise. Here are the various ways that you can use your blowtorch:

Caramelizing Fruit

Cut juicy fruits such as grapefruit in half. After adding a sprinkle of sugar to the fruit, blast your torch for crunchy caramelized surfaces. Top with whipped cream, ice cream, or yogurt for a delicious dessert.  

Sear Steak or Chicken

Use a kitchen torch to get a crispy brown crust on your meat. Wait until the meat is almost done cooking then evenly brush a flame on both its sides.

Flame-roast Vegetables

Veggies are not left behind when it comes to blowtorches. Enhance the flavor of your vegetables by gently searing them with an open flame. After the veggies cool down, rub off the blackened skin. You can flame-roast tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.

Roasting S’mores

Enjoy your favorite camping treat right in the kitchen. Spear a marshmallow with a skewer and roast. Then, place the marshmallow on a graham cracker and top with chocolate. Yummy!

Non-Culinary Uses

Kitchen torches can be used to make crafts, light cigars, weld small plastics, light candles, and for DIY projects in your home.  

What size kitchen torch do you need?

Most professionals recommend larger kitchen torches. Though smaller torches may be safer, they’ll be a pain when you need to sear larger amounts of food. That being said, you can start with a smaller size if you’re a beginner.

Best Kitchen Torches

Please note: You may need to separately purchase the butane canister that makes your torch work. In that case, check the user manual of your kitchen torch to make sure that you get the correct gas canister.

1. Rosle Kitchen Torch

by Rösle

Crème Brulee Butane/Propane Adjustable Kitchen Torch

If you need a great crème brûlée torch, then try this sturdily constructed stainless steel and nylon blowtorch. It has an adjustable gas dial to ensure that you get an even flame to caramelize desserts and char veggies. Plus, you can hold it comfortably at an angle then set it down on a stand. Better yet, it has a child safety lock and an easy-to-refill gas reservoir.

2. Messermeister Chef’s Torch

by Sur La Table

Messermeister Chef's Torch

Looking for great firepower? Well, this lightweight torch can carry a powerful anti-flare flame of up to 2700F for 200 minutes.

It’s great for toasting delicious marshmallows, charring meats, or finishing off crème brûlée like a pro. You can adjust the flame from light to searing hot heat. Additionally, it’s easy to use and refill. We also loved the safety lock at the back of the blowtorch.

3. Professional Culinary/Creme Brulee Torch

by BonJour

Chef's Tools Professional Culinary / Crème Brûlée Torch

For perfectly torched meringues, try this culinary torch that has an extra-long nozzle. We liked that we could adjust the temperature to delicately caramelize fruit and melt cheese over soup. Apart from that, it has a precise, hot flame.

With its fuel level indicator, you’ll know when to dash out and get more butane. Plus, the included culinary book has recipes that will delight your family and friends.

4. Mini Torch

by Sur La Table

Bella Tavola Mini Torch

If you need a small handy torch that won’t take up much space, this mini kitchen torch might be your best bet. With its jet-blue flame, you can add a smokey flavor to charred vegetables, finishing touches to crème brûlée, and much more.

Its automatic ignition system makes it easy-to-use.  Some reviewers felt that it burned through the butane fast. Other than that, this waterproof torch works well for small cooking and baking projects.

5. Sondiko Butane Torch

by Sondiko

Butane Torch

You’ll most certainly be annoyed when you buy a butane gas canister only to find out that it doesn’t fit your kitchen blowtorch. To avoid such a scenario, get this Sondiko torch that easily fits most butane tanks.

This top-rated torch comes with an adapter to lengthen its nozzle so that it can work with short-nozzle gas tanks. Moreover, it has impressive safety features such as a burn-finger guard, broad base, angled nozzle, and safety lock.  

It’s great for baking, barbecues, and desserts. Better still, it accommodates one-hand operation, and you can choose between continuous or adjustable flame modes.

6. Beginner Kitchen Torch

by Jo Chef

Kitchen Torch With Butane included

If you’re concerned about safety, try the Jo Chef torch. It comes with multiple safety locks which make it a great kitchen torch for beginners. Plus, it has a flame adjuster and gas window pane. This versatile torch comes in a lovely box with an included recipe e-book making it a great gift for the chef in your life.

7. Dual Flame Torch

by inZaynity

Dual Flame Torch

When searing meats, we preferred this sleek kitchen torch that locks down the flame. Otherwise, a chef may hurt their finger holding down the ignition button of a blowtorch.

We loved that the torch has two flame settings. You can it use for different torching tasks as you switch between a light flame and a 7-inch intense fire. With its multipurpose functionality, you can go from cooking and caramelizing meringues to soldering and lighting candles.

8. Butane Torch


Butane Torch

Turn up the heat in your kitchen with this gorgeous and refillable butane kitchen torch. It emits a quiet but powerful flame that’s great for your culinary needs and making crafts. It has an effective lock button, and you can use it with one hand. Be sure to use the draining tool to ensure the torch is empty before refueling it.

Kitchen Torch FAQ

How do you refill a kitchen torch?

For safety purposes during transportation, most manufacturers do not add butane fuel cans in the package. You can buy butane from most local stores or order them online from manufacturers’ websites. To refill your kitchen blowtorch:

1. Press the fuel-refilling nozzle to get rid of any remaining fuel or air.
2. Turn off the burner and lock the trigger.
3. While holding the torch nozzle perpendicular to the fuel can, insert the tip of the can into the torch’s fuel-refilling nozzle.
4. Fill up the torch to the recommended level then remove the tip of the can from the kitchen torch.
5. Before using it, let the torch rest for a few minutes as the fuel adjusts to room temperature.

What type of fuel does a kitchen torch use?

Many kitchen torches use butane or propane. Butane torches are smaller while propane torches are larger with more powerful flames. Both fuels are safe. But to enhance ventilation, you can open a window when using kitchen torches.

Get Fired Up

A kitchen torch may be what you need to take your desserts and meals from great to spectacular. You can also give this culinary gadget to your favorite chef. Blowtorches are also great for starting campfires or creating artistic jewelry and crafts.

A kitchen torch shouldn’t be one of those gadgets that you buy but never use. It’s a cool and fun gadget that can be used in multiple ways. And nothing says gourmet chef like a brilliant kitchen torch.

So, scroll back up to our list of the best kitchen torches, pick your favorite, and get some flaming action in your kitchen.  

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