8 Best Kitchen Timers for Perfectly Done Meals Every Time

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Picture this. You are have prepped and are cooking a delicious meal. Then you get distracted by a notification on your phone, your cute toddler, or a task that needs your attention at that moment. Before long you catch a whiff of something cooking or burning?  You rush to the kitchen to discover a burnt or overcooked meal void of any scrumptious taste.

To avoid the above scenario (which happens more often than most people would like to admit), you need a reliable kitchen timer.

A dependable uncomplicated kitchen timer will ensure that your meals are perfectly prepped and superbly done every time. And we have all the details on the best kitchen timers in the market.

Want to have wonderfully done bakes, veggies, eggs, and roasts? Then, read on to find out about the kitchen timers that I recommend.  

About Kitchen Timers

What is a kitchen timer?

Simply put, a kitchen timer is a device that measures cooking, prepping, or baking time then sounds a buzzer when the specified period of time elapses. Older designs merely count down time. But modern timers come with a wide range of features and designs that allow you to keep track of multiple kitchen tasks. You’ll find timers with clocks, LCD screens, thermometers, and memory features.

What is the purpose of a kitchen timer?

Cooking is about precision. After perfectly measuring every ingredient, you need meticulous timing. A kitchen timer ensures accurate cooking time so that all your prepping effort is not wasted. And all top chefs know that precise timing is critical for culinary success.

Sure, you can rely on your inbuilt oven timer for simple dishes, but you need more help when it comes to over the stove cooking. In addition, kitchen timers offer high precision, more features, and portability.  

I know what you might be thinking right now:  Can’t we just set cooking time on our phones?

Well, you can. But truth be told, smartphones are constantly buzzing with notifications that claw for our attention. I find that a dedicated timing device can truly boost your culinary prowess. With a precise kitchen timer, you know its loud and distinct alarm sound means serious business in the kitchen. And you may not want to have your delicate smartphone around bowls of ingredients or pots of hot water.

Types of Kitchen Timers

Mechanical Kitchen Timers

Traditional and simple to use, mechanical timers count down the minutes with an audible tick that stops when the specified time period elapses. These timers don’t require batteries because they are powered by turning a dial. Wind it up, set the time, and wait for the alarm to go off.

Digital Kitchen Timers

Though they are more expensive than mechanical timers, digital timers have more features such as flashing lights, backlit displays, clocks, and attached thermometers. Moreover, digital kitchen timers are battery-powered and have larger display screens.

Best Kitchen Timers

1. Perfect Egg Timer

by Sur La Table

Perfect Egg Timers

For perfectly boiled eggs, get this easy-to-use Perfect Egg Timer. Place it in your pot with other eggs and check the reading for soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs. It absorbs heat as the eggs cook and darkens in color to indicate different stages.

I found that it had a slight new plastic smell the first time I tried it. But the smell did not persist and the eggs were perfectly done. Some reviewers recommend boiling the timer without eggs when it’s new to get rid of the plastic smell.

That being said, this device makes boiling eggs a breeze.

2. Taylor Jumbo Readout Digital Timer

by Sur La Table

Taylor Jumbo Readout Digital Timer

Need a timer with an extra-large display that you can easily see as you buzz around your kitchen? Then try this easy-to-program Jumbo Readout Timer.

You can clip it up, attach it to your fridge, or stand it on your kitchen counter. This versatile timer counts up or down and has a loud alarm that will not stop beeping until you turn it off. Get this if you need a timer that you can hear from the next room.

On the downside, it has no off button. Hence, it stays on until the batteries drain.

3. CDN Dual Sensing Probe Thermometer and Timer

by Sur La Table

CDN Dual Sensing Probe Thermometer and Timer

The perfect temperature is critical for flavorful results especially when it comes to roasts. And we’ve all seen those turkeys that seem well done on the outside but are still raw on the inside.

For perfect thanksgiving turkeys, roasts, and grilled food, grab this dual thermometer and timer. It has a timer mode, food mode, and oven mode. It can measure the temperature of an oven and the temperature of food. Unique chimes notify you when the perfect temperature has been attained in each case.

I love that you can place the probe into the food you’re cooking, shut the oven door, and wait for the beeping sound.

4. OXO Egg Timer with Piercer

by OXO

Good Grips Digital Egg Timer with Piercer

Who hasn’t had some trouble when trying to get perfectly boiled eggs? With this snazzy gadget, you’ll know when your eggs are done just the way you like them.

You can select from seven stages ranging from soft to hard. Plus, it makes peeling eggs so easy.

This compact timer comes with a list of impressive features including an egg selector, flashing lights, a beeper, and an egg piercer.

5. Kikkerland Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

by Kikkerland

Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

Looking for something retro and a little bit old-school? Then try this charming little vintage kitchen timer with solid steel construction.

Unlike most of the electronic timers, this one rings loudly for a few seconds then stops. Before using it, you must wind it up all the way then set the desired time.

It’s battery-free, accurate, versatile, and will make a cute décor item for your kitchen.

6. Zassenhaus Retro Collection ‘Speed’ Kitchen Timer

by Zassenhaus

Zassenhaus Retro Collection 'Speed' Kitchen Timer

For those who prefer mechanical timers, this simple-to-use retro device with a lovely ticking sound might be the one. It has a powerful magnet on its back and will look great on a refrigerator.

Wind it up clockwise to 55 then set your time. Its ringing sound isn’t too loud so you should stay within earshot.

Though basic in functionality, it’s accurate and will get you perfectly cooked meals.

7. XREXS Digital Kitchen Timer


XREXS Digital Kitchen Timer

I found this compact timer easy to program because it has digit buttons in addition to the standard start and stop buttons. Moreover, it has a large display and bold numbers that are easy to read.

It counts up or down and remembers the last time setting. With its retractable stand, hanging hook and magnetic clip you can conveniently place it wherever you like.

This digital timer has a powerful ringing alarm that blares more urgently and rapidly if you ignore it. Plus, it goes off automatically when not in use.

8. ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer with Dual Countdown

by ThermoPro

ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer with Dual Countdown

With this sleek digital timer, you can work on two meals at the same time. For example, you can slow-cook your brisket while preparing delicious cookies.

This timer has a dual countdown to help you multitask. It has a clear adjustable backlit dual display and can count up to 23 hours and 59 minutes. Additionally, the volume of the alarm is also adjustable. You can set it to the mute mode for silent notifications.

Apart from that, it will act as a kitchen clock when not in use.

Kitchen Timer FAQ

What else can kitchen timers be used for?

Kitchen timers are handy gadgets that you can use for any activity that requires timing boundaries. You can also use a timer to boost motivation as you try to beat the clock. Plus, timers that count up help you know how long certain activity takes. You can use kitchen timers for many activities:

Children’s fun activities
Kid’s video game time

Will using a kitchen timer make me a better cook?

A kitchen timer may make you a better cook. As we mentioned above, cooking is all about precision. If you follow recipes meticulously, then a kitchen timer will definitely work in your favor. Plus, if you like cooking while you do other things, then a timer will notify you when your food is done and help you prevent burnt messes in your kitchen.

Time’s Up…

Say goodbye to overcooked, dried out, and burnt food by picking up one of these recommended kitchen timers. If you get easily distracted, grab a timer that won’t stop ringing until you turn it off.

If you’re sensitive to noise, you can buy one with adjustable volume. And with portable timers, you don’t need to stay away from that binge-worthy TV program or cooking show. There’s a timer for every cook’s needs.

Grab one of these dependable timers for perfect meals, an efficient kitchen, and culinary success.   

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