7 Best Silicone Candy Molds For Making Sweet Treats at Home

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Candies are a favorite treat, especially on Valentines Day. Making your own gives you the freedom of choosing your favorite designs and controlling the ingredients in your sweets. With homemade confections, you can create tasty low-carb treats and keto-friendly bars.

Candy molds add shape, style, and details to your homemade treats. After all, looks matter when it comes to candy. Whether you are whipping up chocolate confections, jellies, or energy bars, you need a reliable candy mold. The best mold is flexible without being flimsy, easy to clean, and durable.

Below you’ll find a list of the best silicone candy molds for healthy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth or give away to loved ones. I also give you useful tips and delicious recipes for you to try out.

Let’s jump right in.

About Candy Molds

Selecting a Candy Mold

There are a plethora of treats you can make with a candy mold. Each sweet treat will have a type of mold that will work best, but in general, you should consider the following when choosing a candy mold:


Functional, toxin-free, and nonstick material is the key to well-done confections that pop right out of their molds. Also, you need candy molds that are easy to clean and store. We recommend food-safe silicone molds because of their flexibility, nonstick abilities, and versatility. Apart from that, they are unbreakable and safe for your freezer. They are safe for making candies with your children and come in many delightful shapes.

Design and Shape of Candies

Candy molds give us the option of customizing sweets. With silicone molds, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking shapes and designs. You get to choose from every shape imaginable, from basic circles to extremely detailed candy characters. Fortunately, you can find multiple molds of different designs available in single sets. This saves you from purchasing too many candy-making trays. And if you’re a beginner, start with simple shapes and work your way up to complicated designs.

Number of Cavities

The number of candies you’ll make at a time depends on how many people will soon be enjoying your delicious confections. I prefer owning several candy-making trays. That way I am covered whether I am making sweets just for me or for a group of loved ones.

How to Clean and Store Candy Molds

Due to the sticky nature of sweets, you must be vigilant in ensuring that no sugary bits are stuck to your candy maker. Luckily, silicon molds offer a smooth release of food and are therefore easy to clean.

Clean your mold as per manufacturers’ instructions but always inspect the item for stuck-on bits before you store it.

Warm soapy water and a sponge will get residues out of all the crooks and crannies. Apart from that, silicon tends to attract dust. Wrap your candy molds in plastic bags and keep them in clean drawers or locked cabinets.

7 Best Silicone Candy Molds

1.      For Traditional Gummy Bears: Gummy Bear Silicone Molds, Set of 2

by Sur La Table

Gummy Bear Silicone Molds

Classic gummy bear candies are always a hit with kids and adults. With these gummy bear molds, you can whip up 32 tasty treats at a time. It’s made of food-safe flexible silicone that easily releases sweet creations.

I love the thickness of the mold and the smooth finish of each treat. Plus, this set of 2 is great for chocolate, marshmallow, gelatin, and frozen bear candies. It’s dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, and heat safe up to 428F.

2.      For the Harry Potter Fan: Harry Potter Silicone Molds, Set of 2

by Cinereplicas

Harry Potter Silicone Molds, Set of 2

Harry Potter fans will appreciate the intricately detailed candies that these molds deliver. These confections are perfect for Halloween, themed parties, or a Harry Potter movie night. 

Each mold delivers 12 sweets in iconic shapes from the Hogwarts wizarding world. Candies release easily and maintain their details.

These lightweight silicone molds are great for hard candies, chocolate, and much more. They are safe for your freezer, oven, and the top rack of your dishwasher.

3.      For Peanut Butter Cups: Webake Candy Molds

by Webake

Webake Candy Molds Silicone Chocolate Molds

If you adore peanut butter treats, then this candy mold will be a real treasure. Made of pliable silicone, this mold has a cavity size that’s 1” wide and 0.8 deep for fun-sized goodies. Better still, each treat effortlessly pops right out of the mold.

Apart from that, you can use this set to make chocolate cups, jello, ice cube treats, fat bomb keto snacks, and much more.

With a temperature range of -40F to 446F, you can safely place the molds in your microwave, freezer, and oven. As a bonus, the set comes with cute complimentary candy wrappers

4.      For Candy Bars: Silicone Break Apart Chocolate Molds


Silicone Break Apart Chocolate Molds

With this very affordable set, you can create break-apart chocolates and energy protein candy bars. It’s made of flexible 100% pure silicone that resists temperatures of up to 446F.  Candies release cleanly with gentle taps from your fingers.

And the molded chocolate bars don’t break when you take them out. On the downside, these silicone molds are thin. Therefore, they will not work well if you’re looking to make filled chocolate candy bars.

5.      For Truffles: Joersh Candy Molds, Pack of 5


Joersh Candy Molds, Pack of 5

This candy mold set is perfect for tasty melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles of different shapes including stars, flowers, and hearts.

Molds are easy to clean and don’t fade over time. With its 5 trays, you can make up to 93 candies at a time.

Because of their versatility, these candy molds will come in handy when you need to whip up batches of edible decorations for cakes and cupcakes.  They’re also great for jelly, frozen yogurt bites, cute ice cubes, and gummy candy.

These molds are super flexible. You need to be careful when you pick them up after pouring in your melted chocolate. On the upside, once the candies are hardened, they pop right out without any fuss.

6.      For Lollipops: Silicone Lollipop Mold


Silicone Lollipop Mold

Who doesn’t love a lollipop? This cake pop maker kit has all you need to make delish perfectly round lollipop candies. It’s fantastic for making impressive giveaway candies and cake pops.

Each flexible mold is made from food-grade nonstick silicone. This beginner-friendly kit comes with microwave-safe silicone measuring cups that will come in handy when you need to melt chocolate.

It also includes 200 lollipop sticks, cellophane treat bags, and gold twist ties. Additionally, the 2 reusable candy molds have 20 cavities each and are heat resistant to 446F. 

7.      For Hot Chocolate Bombs: Semi-Sphere Silicone Molds

by homEdge

Semi-Sphere Silicone Molds

It’s pretty hard to resist a tasty chocolate candy filled with hot chocolate mix and tiny marshmallows. That’s why hot chocolate bombs are some of the best edible gifts for your favorite people.

These nonstick semi-sphere molds will be your ally if you need to whip up sleek sphered chocolate candies. You’ll need to combine two halves for a mini hot chocolate bomb. With this 4-piece set, chocolate goodies easily pop out of the molds and cleanup is a breeze.

Recipes for Your New Molds

Here are those recipes I promised. If you’re in need of candy treats and gifts for Valentines Day or a special occasion with your significant other, then you won’t go wrong with these Homemade Valentine’s Day Truffles.  

And as I mentioned before, with homemade sweets, you get to make healthy choices. Try this Toasted Quinoa Chocolate Crunch Bars for a delicious healthy snack.

Candy Mold FAQ

Why is my melted chocolate not hardening?

The first thing to check when your chocolate won’t harden is the room temperature. Tempered chocolate should easily set within five to ten minutes if placed in temperatures ranging from 60F to 65F. Untempered chocolate will take longer to harden. If your chocolate still won’t harden, you need to temper it. Tempered chocolate has a shiny, crisp finish.

How do you get chocolate out of silicone molds without breaking it?

With nonstick mold, you should be able to release chocolate from the mold by gently tapping each cavity after you turn the mold upside down. If you’re having trouble, check if the chocolate is fully solidified. If it’s not, place it in your fridge for about half an hour. You should always scrape off excess chocolate from the silicone mold before you let the candy harden. 

How do you make chocolate shiny with silicone molds?

For hard shiny surfaces, use tempered chocolate and allow it to completely set before releasing it from the mold. You don’t need to coat silicone molds. But some cooks recommend a very light layer of coconut oil. Also, don’t expose the melted chocolate to water. Water causes melted chocolate to seize and become lumpy.

Can I use chocolate chips in candy molds?

You can use chocolate chips in your candy mold. Chocolate chips are affordable and readily available. Plus, they don’t require much tempering. The only issue that you might have when it comes to chocolate chips is quality. The chips have less cocoa compared to premium chocolate. Additionally, they’ll not be as fine and smooth. Premium chocolate tastes better, melts easily, and is gooier.

Are plastic candy molds safe?

As long as they are FDA approved, you can use clear plastic candy molds for chocolate and confections like Candy Melts candy.  You can use a touch of oil to help unmold the hardened candies. With that said, never place plastic molds in the oven or use them with hard candies.

Wrapping Up

We all enjoy candy every now and then. A tasty sweet can brighten up anyone’s mood. Plus, colorful candies in gorgeous shapes are a great addition to any party. That’s why it’s great to have a reliable candy mold in your kitchen. The molds in this post are durable, reusable, and maintain their smooth surfaces.  

Silicone molds are perfect for chocolates and soft candies like cream cheese mints, caramel, and jellies. They deliver smooth cute confections that you can display on your cake stands or use to garnish desserts. Plus, their unbreakable nature makes them safe for use with your kids

Arm yourself with several homemade candy recipes. Pick your favorite silicone candy mold from the list above. And you’ll be ready to whip up impressive sweets for you and your family.

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