7 Best Baking Sets for Kids in the Kitchen

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What could be better than baking projects with your adorable kiddos? Nothing, in my opinion. Assuming you have calm children who quietly follow every instruction with a smile.

But, if your family is like most, you might be in for a not-so-quiet messy cooking adventure. Either way, if our little ones need to bake, we do our best to ensure they get it right. We can start by getting them an awesome kid-friendly baking set. We want them to be safe in the kitchen as they whip up yummy treats.

Read on if you’re looking for the best baking sets for kids. These cooking kits will inspire junior chefs while giving them confidence in the kitchen.  

What to Look For in a Baking Set for Kids

Other than the obvious considerations for age and type of food you want to make with your children, there are other considerations to be aware of:

I think you’ll agree with me that the first factor should be safety. Check that the set is made of BPA-free material. Kits made for real cooking should be made of safe food-grade materials. Also, look for tools that are child-sized and break-resistant.

Younger children can be real picky about the color of their toys and tools. We all remember that time they would only drink from a red cup. When buying a baking set ensure the items included are in your little chef’s favorite colors. Otherwise, opt for gender-neutral hues.

After the kids are done preparing their goodies, we all want a fuss-free quick cleanup time. Dishwasher-safe items are the most convenient. But most baking sets are easy to clean by hand with a damp cloth and soapy water. Since many baking sets come with quite a number of tools, you must consider storage space so that you can easily keep track of the little items.  

Why Have Kids in the Kitchen

As you cook with kids, you help them learn key concepts and skills. Cooking sparks creative exploration. Also, children grasp the importance of following instructions and keeping an organized kitchen.

Plus, they’ll learn kitchen safety. Moreover, children develop patience as they learn to wait for a meal to fully cook. Apart from that, they’ll feel included in an important family activity.

best baking sets for kids

Some parents find that picky eaters are more likely to eat if they’re included in the meal preparation process.

As a future bonus, cooking with kids may inspire cooking careers, businesses, and hobbies.

7 Baking Sets For Kids

1. Kids Baking Bundle

by Pottery Barn

Kids Baking Bundle

Has your little one shown interest in baking but they’re not old enough to actually cook?

Inspire their imagination and creativity with this super sweet set. It comes with everything needed to mix, measure, and whip up imaginary baked goodies. Plus, the set includes the cutest gingham apron to protect their clothes as they work.

With this pretend kid’s baking set, your children will soon be identifying different utensils and baked treats. They’ll be ready and prepared when the real baking starts. 

by Williams Sonoma

Kids Bake and Create Cookie Set

It’s no secret that kids love cookies. With this set, your child will have all they need to create and decorate scrumptious cut-out cookies. Children can try out different recipes using this well-constructed set.

Sturdy tools make for easy whisking, mixing, and rolling dough. Plus, ten cute cookie cutters will get the interest of any child.  Moreover, there’s an included recipe that your kid can work on as soon as they receive their Bake and Create set. And the cotton apron will keep their clothes mess-free.

The best part? These durable real baking tools will be used over and over again.

3. Tovla Jr. Kids Cooking and Baking Gift Set with Storage Box

by Tovla Jr.

Kids Cooking and Baking Gift Set with Storage Case

Impress junior chefs with this practical and colorful children’s baking set. Tools include a rolling pin, whisk, a kitchen timer, spoons, knives, cookie cutters, and much more.

How will you keep track of all these items? Well, this children’s cooking kit comes with a handy and portable storage box. Additionally, each piece is made of food-safe non-toxic materials that bring no harm to your aspiring cooks. And the lovely gender-neutral colors make this set ideal for both boys and girls.

Four parent-approved recipes will get your little chefs started on their next culinary adventure.

4. Baketivity Kids Cooking and Baking Set with 31 Pieces and Recipe Cooking Cards

by Baketivity

31 Piece Kids Cooking and Baking Set

With real accessories, this selection is perfect for budding chefs aged 6 and up. 31 pieces include all you need for a fun and educational cooking experience.

Each piece is made of BPA-free material and is designed to offer a secure comfy grip for children’s hands. These sturdy cooking tools and the included child-friendly recipes will make your little one feel like a real chef. 

With its vibrant colors and functional items, this baking set for children is a fantastic gift for young bakers. Plus, the tools are dishwasher safe.

5. Plan Toys Wooden Cupcakes Playset 

by Crate & Barrel

Plan Toys Wooden Cupcakes Playset 

This cupcake playset is great for tiny tots who love to help mommy in the kitchen. It has the tools needed to whip up pretend cupcakes that will impress at the next tiny tea party.

Your little darling will learn how to manage a whisk and handle a baking tray while wearing an oven mitt. Finally, they get to decorate their cupcake with whipped cream topping.

Get this kit for kids that are not old enough to bake.

6. Handstand Kitchen Intro To Baking Set

by Target

Handstand Kitchen Intro To Baking Set

This 17-piece Intro-to-Baking set will unleash your child’s culinary talents. It’s a great choice for the kid who’s ready to start real baking. The loaf pan and silicone baking cups can be used in a real oven. So be ready to bake lots and lots of treats.

This kid’s cooking set contains child-sized items and simple recipes that will give children a confident start in the world of practical cooking. Plus, the pieces are made of easy-to-clean food-safe materials.

7. Family Bakeware Set

by Le Creuset

Family Bakeware Set

Boasting the dependable quality of Le Creuset cookware, this kit is perfect if you’re ready to splurge on your little baker’s next set of baking tools. Fun-colored practical items will inspire young ones to try their hand at cooking.

This kitchen set has everything you need to start baking including a kid’s chef hat and five recipes. With adult supervision, youngsters will enjoy preparing yummy bakes like cupcakes and muffins. Plus, the items are kid-friendly and break-resistant.

Inspire Young Bakers!

Spark the creativity of junior chefs with these delightful and practical cooking kits. The best baking sets for kids prioritize safety and are easy to use so that you and the kids are not overwhelmed. They offer fun beneficial cooking experiences for little ones.

Additionally, you can take the opportunity to teach kids about kitchen cleanup and maintenance. Plus, you’ll make unforgettable family memories as you help them prepare fun kid-sized treats.

We find that getting a set is cheaper than buying individual pieces. Depending on your kid’s age and ability, you can get a cooking play set then upgrade to a real cooking kit later on.

For a thrilling gift for your little darling, grab one of these fabulous kid’s baking sets.

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