7 Best Aprons for Men Who Know Their Way Around the Kitchen

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Wearing an apron is perhaps the single most powerful signifier that you’re a serious chef. Unfortunately, most aprons are designed with women in mind.

Finding an apron that a man can wear comfortably and confidently is a difficult task.

In this post, I’ll share with you some of the best aprons for men on the market.

Some of the aprons I’ve chosen have that classic, rustic look—imagine if James Bond were to design an apron in partnership with Aragon from Lord of the Rings. Others I’ve chosen are novelty aprons that will appeal to many men.

7 Best Aprons for Men

For my husband’s most recent birthday, I tried to find an apron for him that would inspire him to cook more with me.

I knew that he wouldn’t want to wear one of my aprons because he’s a bit of a “man’s man” and there aren’t many more feminine garments than the usual lacey aprons, which often look like something a 50s housewife would wear in a sitcom.

So I went on an internet deep dive into the best aprons meant specifically for men. Here are my seven favorite picks for the ultimate apron for men.

1. The Grilling Apron from Amazon

by Hudson Durable Goods

Professional Grade Chef Apron

This is definitely one of those “classic look” aprons I was talking about. It’s made from a rugged acrylic fabric that resists water and stains, which means the guys can get sloppy with their cooking (as I’ve noticed they are wont to do) without causing any permanent damage. The choices of colors is on point so you can feel good about the production process.

2. The Denver Essential Apron

by Hedley and Bennett

The Denver Essential Apron

This is the most expensive apron on this list, but it’s worth every penny. The golden brown cotton fabric used to make the apron is extremely handsome, and the navy blue straps and accents used on the apron help to enhance the effect.

The cotton has a heavy-duty feel but is also very light and soft. And whereas most aprons I’ve tried get thinner and flimsier over time as they’re washed, I’ve been told by a family member who owns one of these that it actually feels softer and better broken in after each washing.

The apron also has little touches, like the easy access loop on the side for tongs, an oven mitt on a carabiner, or another kitchen implement or the brushed copper neck straps that let you know you’re getting a luxury product.

3. Chef Apron

by Carrotez

Cotton Canvas Cross Back Adjustable Apron

This apron is seriously heavy-duty. It’s made from a water- and weather-resistant mix of canvas, polyester, and cotton, and the fabric is a bit thicker than most other aprons.

The seams in the apron are reinforced with a nanostitch technology, and the loops for the apron straps are ringed with copper. The buckles for the adjustable neck strap are made of copper, too.

The result of all this metal and heavy fabric is an apron that looks just as at home in a repair shop as it does in the kitchen. It’s a few ounces heavier than most aprons, but it’s definitely more industrial too. I am really shocked this is the cheapest option on this list.

4. Custom Apron

by Etsy: SadeNewYork

Personalized High-Quality Custom Apron

Clothing items with the owner’s name embroidered on them often look tacky and gimmicky, but that’s not the case here.

The name or custom message chosen when ordering the apron is emblazoned in black fabric on a brown leather patch that is buttoned onto the apron just below the chest straps. The patch looks classy and rugged, especially since it goes with the gorgeous color scheme of the apron.

I also want to mention how form-fitting this apron is. For some reason, it manages to cling to the chef better than any other apron I’ve seen. Maybe it’s because of the high-quality leather strap that goes around the chef’s neck or maybe it’s because of the remarkably soft cotton fabric used, but it’s a really good-looking piece of kitchenware.

5. Memphis Denim Bib Apron in Black

by Chef Works

Memphis Chefs Bib Apron

This black denim apron conjures up images of hot summer backyard barbecues with smoking grills full of babyback ribs and spiced hamburger patties.

It’s made from black denim, so it’s no surprise that it’s very hard to stain or tear or even to see the flaws if you do. It also has a lot of pockets, which isn’t an uncommon feature with men’s aprons but which is handy nonetheless.

6. Star Wars Darth Vader Aprons


Star Wars Darth Vader Aprons

Star Wars is, in my experience, one of the largest fandoms among guys. And Darth Vader seems to be the most popular character, at least when it comes to looking badass.

This apron does a good job of emulating Vader’s iconic black suit while still being a genuinely high-quality kitchen apron. The apron has a quality craftsmanship feel, and the multiple adjustable neck straps making it a convenient piece of kitchenware.

7. Harry Potter Aprons


Harry Potter Gryffindor Plaid Sigil Apron

Want to express some Harry Potter house pride while whipping up some delicious food? Then this line of Harry Potter aprons is for you.

The line has separate aprons for Gryffindors, Slytherins, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs, so every wearer can show people around what they’re all about. Each respective apron has the color scheme of the wearer’s house, and the name and emblem of the house are printed on a large tool pocket on the front.

I can’t count the number of friends I have who would love one of these. Now I just have to figure out how to slip them the Pottermore house test without them knowing what I’m up to…

These aprons are another pick from Williams Sonoma, so you can expect the same top quality and ethically sourced production that you would from any of their products.

Tying Things Up…

Until you wear an apron, you don’t truly realize how nice it is to have. Not only does it protect your clothes from all the spills and other messes that happen during cooking, but it’s also a handy and instantly accessible surface to wipe your hands or dry dishes on.

Men are totally entitled to experience the convenience of aprons, just like women, but they also deserve to be comfortable with their appearance in the process.

Whether you are a man shopping for an apron or you’re looking for a gift for your male friend who’s a cooking lover, the seven aprons in this post are great choices to preserve that balance of convenience, craftsmanship, and masculinity.

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