6 Best Dough Scrapers to Get Your Pastry Under Control

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Out of every kitchen tool, I think dough scrapers have the best cost to usefulness ratio.

In other words, they are generally very cheap—usually under $20 and sometimes under $10—and they can be used for a lot of things.

In this post, I’ll tell you how to make the most of a dough scraper. I’ll also go over my top six dough scrapers and let you know why I love them so much.

What is a Dough Scraper?

A dough scraper is a small rectangle slightly larger than a credit card. One of the scraper’s long edges has a grip so that the cook can hold and manipulate it easily, and the other is generally “sharper” than the others.

best dough scrapers

Dough scrapers are usually made from soft bendable material, so even the sharper edge is not dangerous on most models.

Dough scrapers are also known by many other names, such as:

  • Bench scrapers
  • Bowl scrapers
  • Pastry scrapers
  • Bench knives
  • Dough cutters
  • And many more

Before getting into my recommendations for the best dough scrapers, let’s look at when to use a dough scraper and how to find the best one for the job.

What is a Dough Scraper Used For?

Dough scrapers can be used for:

  • Scraping the last of the dough or batter from bowls or other prep areas so that you don’t waste any of it.
  • Cutting up dough with the “sharp” edge of the scraper. Some dough scrapers even have measurement marks printed on their side, which makes precisely portioned cuts in the dough easier.
  • Cleaning up a work surface after cooking by sweeping up trash and food remnants. Dough scrapers are made from easy-to-clean materials so this use is totally safe.
  • Transporting chopped ingredients like garlic or herbs after you cut them up.
  • Pressing down cakes in the pan or leveling out batters.

Considerations for Buying a Dough Scraper

When buying a dough scraper, you’ll want to consider:

  • Material – Dough scrapers come in all different materials. Some scrapers are made from soft materials like silicone. Others are made from harder materials like wood or metal. Different materials are best for certain tasks.
  • Sharpness –  Some scrapers have a very sharp cutting edge comparable to a knife blade, while others are about as sharp as a rubber butter knife. Whether or not cutting functionality is important to you will help decide what kind you get.
  • Measurement capabilities – Only some dough scrapers have measurement markings on the side. This might be very handy if you find yourself portioning out dough often, but you may not need it if you don’t bake.
  • Size – A large dough scraper will be quicker at cutting large pieces of dough and more efficient at cleaning up. Of course, you might prefer a smaller scraper that’s lighter and easier to store.
  • Handle orientation and shape – If possible, you should physically hold a dough scraper before buying to make sure it feels good in your hand. This is why I don’t buy dough scrapers online unless someone recommends a specific model to me.

If scouring stores for kitchen tools appeals to you, keep these aspects in mind during your search. If you’d rather start off with some strong recommendations, keep reading.

6 Best Dough Scrapers

In this table, I’ve rounded up my six favorite dough scrapers and put them each in their own category. All of them are great products, but below the table I’ll explain precisely what kind of chef would benefit the most from each one.

1. Stainless Steel: Stainless-Steel Pastry Scraper


Pro Dough Pastry Scraper

This dough scraper is simple and beautiful; a perfect example of Japanese craftsmanship at work. It’s made from stainless steel and will stay shiny and new-looking even after a lot of use and also help it from corroding over time.

The edge of this dough scraper isn’t exactly razor-sharp, but it’s more than solid enough to cut soft ingredients like dough or herbs. And you don’t have to worry about dulling the edge like with something sharper, so you can use it for cleaning all you want.

All in all, this is a really versatile dough scraper with a minimalist beauty unlike anything else on this list.

2. Plastic: Plastic Dough Scraper

by Sur La Table

Sur La Table Plastic Dough Scraper

Plastic doesn’t have to mean “low quality” when it comes to dough scrapers; this model looks very chic with its deep red color and textured surfaces.

The fact that it is plastic also means it is lighter and easier to clean than other materials, though, which are two really nice features. It’s also sharper than you might expect from something plastic, which makes cutting soft ingredients easy. The inch measurements etched on the side help too. Lastly, I love the handle on this one—it’s extremely comfortable to hold.

This is another very versatile dough scraper. It’s a great choice if you don’t have any dough scrapers yet, especially if you value functionality over aesthetics. It’s also perfect if you plan to use the dough scraper on a surface that might be scratched by a harder material like metal.

3. Large: Giant Spatula

by King Arthur Baking

Giant Spatula

This aluminum dough scraper excels at scooping up large foods and transporting them around the kitchen. I often take it out instead of a tray when I’ll be carrying things like pies or cookies from my cutting board to my oven to my stove dish washing area.

Of course, I can also use it as a dough scraper to scrape up any last ingredients or to help clean the counter afterwards!

If you don’t have any dough scraper yet, this one may be a bit unruly for some of the tasks they’re used for like scraping batter from a bowl or cleaning tight spaces.

If you have a smaller dough scraper already, though, this model is a great compliment to it and will save tons of time in the kitchen.

4. Pizza: Pizza Bench Scraper

by Ooni

Ooni Pizza Bench Scraper

The name “dough cutter” is probably more appropriate for this model because the blade is very sharp. Cutting even thick balls of dough is no problem, and you can even make quick work of medium-soft vegetables like celery with it.

Obviously, that means you should keep it away from small children. The edge is so sharp, in fact, that it feels like a bit of a shame to scrape up dough or clean a flat surface with it because I feel like I’m dulling the sharp edge.

If the knife function of the dough scraper is very important to you, this one is probably your best bet.

5. Offset: Tovolo Bench Scraper

by Crate & Barrel

Tovolo Bench Scraper

Just a tiny offset on the handle makes a big difference. Tasks like scooping up ingredients from a flat surface or cutting baked goods loose from the edges of the pan are a lot easier when you have just about a half inch of extra wiggle room. The great thing is, it’s still just as easy to carry out the tasks you can with a non-offset dough scraper.

The scraper is made of stainless steel and the grip is made of a soft silicone that feels nice in your hand. There are inch and centimeter measurements of the side, so portioning and cutting cookie dough or other soft ingredients is easy.

I’d recommend this bench scraper model for people who do a lot of baking or other types of cooking that require a lot of precision.

6. Wood Handle: Lamson Dough Scraper

by Milk Street

Lamson Dough Scraper

The elegant wood-and-metal design of this model just screams “luxury,” even though it’s only $20. The handle is made from finished walnut and has two nice-looking brushed metal divots in it. The blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel (the same thing most knife-blades are made from) and will last a lifetime without losing its upscale luster.

If you have a wooden design scheme in your kitchen and want to match the decor, this model is a fantastic choice. It’s great functionally, too, and has a heavy-duty feel that makes it a good choice for serious chefs.

Dough Scraper FAQ

Now to answer a few of the most common questions about dough scrapers.

What is the difference between a bench scraper and dough scraper?

There is no difference. A “bench” is just another term for the prep area (usually a wooden cutting board) used in baking. A bench scraper is a tool used to scrape dough off of the board, hence the alternate name “dough scraper.” Of course, the tool has many other uses as well.

Can you use a bench scraper on quartz?

In most cases, no. Most bench scrapers (aka dough scrapers) are made from hard materials like metal and will scratch the relatively soft surface of quartz. This holds true even if the scraper is not particularly sharp. And after quartz is scratched, it’s nearly impossible to get it to look pristine again.

That being said, there are some scrapers made from softer materials like soft plastic or silicone that are okay to use on quartz. I’d recommend not taking the risk, though, and just cutting or scraping your pastry dough (or other soft ingredient) on a cutting board.

Scrape It Off

I personally have about 10 dough scrapers (or bench scrapers, or pastry cutters, of whatever you want to call them), including the six I mentioned in this post. I use at least one of them in nearly every recipe I make.

So the fact that I spent less than $150 total on the 10 of them is absolutely crazy to me.

I encourage you to start your own dough scraper collection too, or to expand the collection you already have, with these fantastic models.

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