4 Best Mini Air Fryers For Even The Smallest Spaces

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Home-cooked meals are undoubtedly the most cost-efficient and delicious way to eat, but putting effort into cooking when you’re the only one eating hardly seems worth it sometimes.

A mini air fryer is the best solution to this issue. It makes whipping up your own food extremely quick and healthy, and it’s super-easy to clean up. Best of all, it only takes up a tiny bit of counter space and leaves no mess at all when used!

In this post, I’ll go through my four top picks for the best mini air fryers out there.

4 Best Personal Air Fryers

A mini air fryer is defined as a model that holds less than two quarts. Any larger and you get into “small air fryer” territory, and I have another whole article about the best small air fryers.

If you want one of the most compact air fryers out there, though, here are the best ones to choose from. Descriptions of each air fryer and why they’re on the list are below the table.

1. Elite Gourmet 1.1 Qt Compact Electric Hot Air Fryer

by Macy’s: Elite Gourmet

Compact Electric Hot Air Fryer

For such an inexpensive air fryer, I was really impressed by the quality of “fried” foods coming from this model. Frozen French fries came out nice and crunchy, chicken wings came out juicy and savory, and vegetables came out flavorful and evenly cooked. I even tried baking brownies in here, and they were as good as with a conventional oven!

The low price really begins to show, though, when you take into account the exterior. The device is made with a rather cheap-looking black plastic, and the markings on the bulky timer knob don’t look very precise. It’s a good machine and functions just fine, but it’s not a luxury option by any means.

2. Kalorik 1.75 Quart Personal Air Fryer

by Kalorik

Kalorik 1.75 Quart Personal Air Fryer

This mini air fryer is more expensive than most, but it shows. The capacity is larger than any of the other personal air fryers on this list, and it actually verges on being able to serve two people, especially if one of those people does not eat much.

The Kalorik has a nice minimal design, which is nice for the technically challenged like me. When sliding the fryer basket in and out, though, or when adjusting the knobs for heat or cooking times, you can really feel the quality; the action is smooth and has a durable feeling. The device itself also looks nice on the counter thanks to the well-designed indicator light/heat knob panel on the top.

I should add that the frying and baking functions are totally satisfactory. Nothing remarkable, but definitely no complaints. 

3. Dash Compact Air Fryer


Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker with Temperature Control

I bought one of these for my niece this past Christmas, and she now swears by it. She says the 1.6-quart capacity is the perfect size for one person, and the food itself always comes out evenly cooked. She’s in college, and she says she barely uses her dining hall credits anymore because “fried” chicken or mushrooms and vegetables beats it every time.

The design is plastic and might look cheap if not for the color options, something you don’t get with most mini air fryers.

My favorite was aqua, and my niece seems to like how it looks too. I should also mention that the recipe book that comes with this one is quite useful, unlike with many competitors. My niece uses it all the time, and, after taking a look at it, I agree that the recipes are intuitive and look quite good.

4. Maxi-Matic Gourmet Personal Air Fryer

by Elite Gourmet

Maxi-Matic Gourmet Personal Air Fryer

Finally, a mini air fryer that looks really cool! The boxy design and sleek red plastic set it above other entries on this list in terms of aesthetics.

The pictures on top of the air fryer depicting different types of foods it can handle (French fries, chicken, cheeses, meats, seafood, vegetables, and baked goods) are also a nice addition. That being said, I found meats I cooked in this fryer to be overcooked and dried out.

The Maxi-Matic is very quiet and is good at keeping smells from escaping during cooking. It also stays relatively cool to the touch while in operation, which is a great feature if you have small kids or pets around.

Most mini air fryers are bad with all of these things (insulating noise, smells, and heat), so I give this model major points for bucking the trend.

Mini Air Fryer FAQ

How many people can a mini air fryer serve?

A mini air fryer can reasonably serve one person. Some mini air fryers like the Kalorik mentioned above are big enough to serve two if the portions are relatively small.

Small But Mighty

Air fryers are the perfect marriage of health, quickness, and convenience in the kitchen. Not until recently did the small ones really take off in popularity, but now there are some great mini air fryers that can bring all the benefits of the machines to even cramped kitchens.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, then I hope this post has helped you identify some good options.

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