24 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts That Show You Care

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Buying the perfect housewarming gift is hard. It’s tempting to just buy everyone a doormat that says “Home Sweet Home” in cursive and call it a day, but people really do appreciate it when you go a step further by putting a little personalized thought into the gift.

So that you can get a housewarming gift that shows you really care, I’ve put together this guide of the twenty-four best housewarming gifts.

And to further tailor the gift to the recipient’s tastes, I’ve divided the list into eight sections:

If the person who you’re giving a housewarming gift to fits into one of these categories, look at each product in that that section and pick the perfect gift.

For the First Time Homebuyer

People buying their first home want something useful but also classy, such as:

1. Schott Zwiesel Forte Stemless Wine Glasses

by Sur La Table

Schott Zwiesel Forte Stemless Wine Glasses

There’s nothing classier than wine flutes, but they’re not the most practical way to hold your beverage since they’re so fragile. These elegant glasses combine the elegance of wine flutes with the sturdiness of traditional glasses by removing the tenuous glass stand.

Eight of them are enough to fill out the homeowner’s drinkware cabinet and even accommodate a dinner party.

2. All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Skillets, 8″ And 10″ Set

by Sur La Table

All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Skillet

A household that always has something sizzling on the stove is a happy home indeed, which is why these pans are the perfect gift for first time homebuyers. They’re sturdy and reliable yet simple, which makes them the perfect starter pans. They also include a lifetime warranty, so they’ll last young homebuyers their entire lives.

3. Cuisinart 10-Piece Marble Ceramic Knife Set

by Cuisinart

Cuisinart 10-Piece Marble Ceramic Knife Set

In a similar vein to the pans mentioned above, these knives are simple yet extremely useful tools that will turn the new home’s kitchen into a frequently-used workspace. The knives are made from solid steel but have a gorgeous ceramic non-stick coating.

Five different types of knives are included in the set, so it will enable the cook to tackle almost any recipe with ease.

For The Plant Enthusiast

I’ve heard that the two things that make a house feel like a home are plants and books. The latter seems to be a little out of style at the moment, but I wholeheartedly agree with the former.

4. Glass Propagation Vase with Wooden A Frame

by Sage and Sill

Glass Propagation Vase with Wooden A Frame

The combination of rustic dark-colored wood, brushed black steel, and elegant glass beakers make this vase look homier than a regular flower pot or other indoor planter. It doesn’t take up much space, but it gives any space the lived-in feel that’s perfect for a housewarming gift. 

5. Hanging Butterfly Oasis

by Uncommon Goods

Hanging Butterfly Oasis

Butterflies are one of the prettiest and most magical creatures you see outside and giving your friend the gift of butterflies flocking to their garden is priceless. This is especially true if they spend a lot of time out in the garden anyway. The feeder itself looks great too, much more festive than other butterfly feeders on the market.

6. Surrey Mini Magnetic Plants

by Sage and Sill

Surrey Mini Magnetic Plants

Some people say fridge magnets are tacky, but even the haters will appreciate the down-home warmth these eye-catching flower bunch magnets bring to a room. The vase on the magnets is constructed from real burlap and straw, giving it a natural look. There are five varieties of flowers available.

For the Newlyweds

When a newlywed couple buys a house, they want to deck it out with things that are personalized to the two of them and their life together.

7. Custom Map of Your Home

by Map of our Life

Custom Map of Your Home

This lover’s map will always serve the couple as a reminder of their first home together. It’s intimately personalized, since it has the address of the home, the surroundings, and the names of the couple imprinted on it, and it’s one of those gifts that only becomes more precious with time since it will serve as a reminder of where it all started.

8. Personalized White Marble Hexagonal Serving Platter

by Etsy: RusticFlitch

Personalized White Marble Hexagonal Serving Platter

This romantic serving platter is the perfect marriage (pun intended) of elegance and usefulness. A delicately etched heart of laurel leaves on the plate circles the couple’s initials and the date of their wedding (or whatever date you want to commemorate). The plate works well as a cutting board, too.

9. French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler

by Crate & Barrel

French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler

This white marble wine cooler isn’t personalized like the other gifts in this section, but it sure is elegant. This baby and a bottle of their favorite wine is all the newlywed couple needs to kick off a romantic evening, which they will certainly appreciate.

Also, this is a great gift to go with the white marble serving tray I mentioned above.

For the Parents

10. Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook

by Melissa Clark & Daniel Gercke

Kid in the Kitchen: 100 Recipes and Tips for Young Home Cooks: A Cookbook

As a parent myself, I know that one of the greatest days of a parent’s life is when their kid starts to cook for themselves and maybe even for the other members of the family. It will also make it a lot easier for the kids to make and keep friends for the rest of their life.

This excellent kids’ cookbook makes the transition to cooking easy and fun for young ones. When parents start a new chapter in their lives by buying a new home, why not help them open a new chapter in their children’s lives as well?

11. Zwilling Twinny Kids Chef’s Knife

by Sur La Table

Zwilling Twinny Kids Chef’s Knife

A knife is the most important tool in a chef’s arsenal, and this model is perfect for introducing kids to kitchen knives since it has a dull tip and a finger guard. It also includes a pamphlet of kid friendly recipes. Parents will be overjoyed to get this gift, because it lets them introduce an invaluable new skill to their kids.

12. Whiskey Lovers Set


Whiskey Glasses Set of 2

Their kids are obviously huge parts of a parent’s life, but at the end of the day they just want to relax and sometimes even take the edge off. This whiskey lovers set is the perfect gift for two parents who want to sit down together and cool down at the end of the day.

It includes two stylish whiskey glasses, accompanying slate stone coasters, and two ice ball molds—all in a sleek black gift box.

For the Aspiring Chef

13. Molcajete

by Crate & Barrel


This mortar and pestle is actually made in Mexico, and it is made from black volcanic rock. The rough material helps release even more flavorful and healthy oils from the food being ground up. It’s a traditional Mexican cooking technique, and an aspiring chef will be overjoyed to spice up their new digs with some Latin flavor!

14. Infused Olive Oil Gift Set

by Mantova

Mantova Organic Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cooks absolutely love olive oil. More so than other oils, it’s healthy, it’s flavorful, and it’s easy to use in almost any recipe. Flavored olive oils sets are one of an aspiring chef’s favorite things to get, especially if they want to whip up some exciting dishes to ring in a new house.

The reason I chose this set as opposed to a competitor is because the oils are especially flavorful and smooth.

15. Half Baked Harvest Super Simple Cookbook

by Tieghan Gerard

Half Baked Harvest Super Simple Cookbook

This is one of my personal favorite cookbooks. The meals inside are all pretty easy to make, but they’re healthy and they look positively gourmet because they use old-world food prep methods.

The book will really help the house-buyer to bring some quaint charm to their place, which is just what they need to make it feel like a real home.

For the Entertainer

For some people, the most exciting part about buying a new home is the dinner parties they’ll be able to have there.

16. Swissmar 9-Piece Lugano Fondue Set

by Swissmar

Lugano 9 Piece Cheese Fondue Set

Fondue is probably the most social eating experience out there, and it is always a hit at parties. So I promise that a new home-buyer who loves to entertain will be beyond excited to have this fondue set at their house.

The set includes the cast iron fondue pot, a burner, a rechaud with a tray, and six fondue forks.

17. SMIRLY Cheese Board and Knife Set


SMIRLY Cheese Board and Knife Set

Bringing out a decked-out cheeseboard is another way for hosts to wow their guests at a dinner party. This bamboo board is the perfect size to host a plethora of meats, cheeses, crackers, veggies, fruits (on the included fruit tray), and dips (in the included ceramic bowls) without being so large that it’s unwieldy.

The board has an ample number of indentations for organizing the food, and it has a magnetically detachable holder for serving knives and forks, which are also included.

18. Zwilling Stainless-Steel 8-Piece German Steak Knife Set

by Zwilling

Zwilling Stainless-Steel 8-Piece German Steak Knife Set

The knives in this set are some of the best steak knives I’ve ever come across. The blade is long, so it can handle even very wide cuts of meat. It’s also sharper than almost any steak knife I’ve tried; that’s quality German engineering at work. I know very few non-vegetarians who dislike steak, so a steak dinner is another great choice for a dinner party. 

For the Minimalist

Here are some great gifts for people who don’t have much room in their new space or who simply don’t like to clutter up their home:

19. Katin Wood Centerpiece Bowls

by Crate & Barrel

Katin Wood Centerpiece Bowls

Indian artisans use a traditional hand-carving technique to create a wood grain pattern on each of these bowls, giving them a modern minimalist aesthetic. I have two of the black models and two of the white ones sitting on my coffee table, and I’ve gotten numerous compliments on them.

20. Dipping Oil Gift Set

by Mantova

Dipping Oil Gift Set

These olive oils are meant for dipping bread in and eating plain rather than cooking with, which is why they’re perfect for hors d’oeuvres in a minimalist home. They’re packed with flavor, but they’re healthy ,and they have that authentic European charm that is central to the modern minimalist lifestyle.

21. Traeger BBQ Multi Tool Set

by Traeger

Traeger BBQ Multi Tool Set

Think of this set like a Swiss army knife for grilling; it condenses a spatula, a braising brush, a corkscrew, a bottle opener, and a pig tail (a grilling tool that replaces tongs and forks) into one compact tool. Minimalist home owners can have yard parties without cluttering up their grilling area.

For the One Who Already Has Everything

Here’s where you have to get creative. When a home-buyer already has everything, what do you get them for a housewarming gift? Here are some ideas: 

22. Alessi Voile Spaghetti Measure

by Alessi

Alessi Voile Spaghetti Measure

Everyone loves spaghetti, and this tool helps the user quickly measure out 100, 200, or 500 grams of it for a large dinner. It looks like a piece of art, too, so the recipient will want to display it proudly rather than tucking it away in the kitchen cabinet.

23. 6-Piece Marble and Gold Cheese Knife Set

by Apusu

6-Piece Marble and Gold Cheese Knife Set

A cheese plate is a staple of classy dinner parties, and a home-buyer who has it all probably has one already. But this cheese knife set is undoubtedly an upgrade, both because the knife designs and materials are absolutely stunning and because there are six of them, each for a different purpose.

24. Bartender Knife and Zester

by Final Touch

Final Touch Bartender's Bar Knife & Zester Set

These tools are a classy way to get a new homeowner into mixology or a great addition to their existing barkeep set if they have one. The handles are made from water-resistant maple and the blades from pure stainless steel, so they’re as beautiful as they are functional.

A Final Gifting Thought

A little thought goes a long way when choosing the best housewarming gift for a friend or family member. If you get them something tailored to their interests that can bring life to their new home, they will remember your generosity for many years to come.

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