21 Terrific Gifts for Bakers (That They’ll Actually Use)

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Do you need an awesome gift for the baker in your life? Maybe you’re looking for gifts that will show your appreciation and guarantee delicious baked treats in your future?

Or perhaps you need something to help set up the kitchen of a budding baker.

Whether you need something for a beginner or an expert, we have a list of the best gifts for every baker in your life. And if you love baking, you can get yourself something special, too.  

So let’s hop on this train and check out practical gifts that will delight all kinds of bakers. And don’t fret if you need gifts for the bakers who have everything: we’ve got you covered.

Ready? Let’s go!

Gifts for New Bakers

1. Pro-Release Bakeware, Set of 5

by All-Clad

All-Clad Pro-Release Bakeware

With this 5-piece durable baking set, a budding baker can experiment with more bakes including bread, layered cakes, cookies, pinwheels, and desserts.

We were impressed with the non-stick coating that ensures that baked goods stay intact and are released from the pans with minimal mess. Plus, the set is super easy to clean. Large handles make the bakeware safe to grip even when wearing oven mitts.

2. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups, Set of 8

 by Sur La Table

Sur La Table Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

A staple in any kitchen, beginners will love this set of heavy-duty stainless steel measuring cups with long stem handles. These cups look good, are accurate, and will last for years.

They offer more sizes than most measuring cups including “off sizes” such as 1 ½ and ¾ cups. Better still, the cups stack neatly and are held together with a sturdy ring.

3.Spice Measuring Spoons, Set of 6

by Sur La Table

Sur La Table Spice Measuring Spoons

We didn’t know we needed these spoons until we tried them. Now, we can’t imagine measuring spices any other way. The beauty of these sturdy spoons is that they actually fit in spice jars.

With these narrow spoons, you can say goodbye to shaking spices into a spoon and creating a spicy mess on your counter. Get this thoughtful gift for a new baker, and they’re sure to use the set almost every day.

4. Pie Baker’s Dream Set

 by Williams Sonoma

Pie Bakers Dream Set

Does the new baker in your life love to make tasty pies? Or do you want to inspire them to start experimenting with delicious pie recipes? Gift them this set that has everything you need to whip up a scrumptious pie.

The set comes with a gorgeous Emile Henry handcrafted pie dish for flaky pie crusts. Other items in the set include a rolling pin, pie weights, pastry mat, pastry blender, and cutter.

5. Glass Measuring Batter Bowl

by Anchor Hocking

Measuring Batter Bowl

Every new baker will find that measuring, mixing, and pouring batters can be messy if you don’t have the right cup or bowl. To simplify baking, this batter bowl has visible etched measurement lines and a wide pointed pouring lip.

For easy stirring, this microwave-safe bowl has an elegant rounded design. Additionally, it’s made of tough heavyweight glass that won’t stain or retain odors. Plus, you can use it to measure other baking liquids like syrups, melted butter, milk, and cooking oil.

6. French Tapered Rolling Pin

 by J.K Adams

French Tapered Rolling Pin

Budding bakers tend to use whatever is at hand to roll their dough. Therefore, a rolling pin with a scratch-resistant smooth surface will make a great gift to replace whatever they’ve been using to stretch out dough.

This easy-to-grasp lightweight pin has tapered ends and is great for any rolling task.

Gifts for the Baker Who Has Everything

1. Olivewood Pastry Tools

by Williams Sonoma

Olivewood Pastry Tools

Every creative pastry chef will love this multi-tasking set that has all the essential tools needed to prepare and decorate sweet and savory pastries. Each item is designed with an impressive and durable olivewood handle.

Seasoned bakers are sure to find something useful in this pastry set that includes a fluted pastry cutter, straight spatula, offset spatula, bench scraper, and pastry brush.

2. Pie Bird

by Le Creuset

Le Creuset Stoneware Pie Bird

No one likes soggy pies and deserts. Though it’s an old-fashioned baking tool, a pie bird will keep a pie’s bottom crust from getting soggy. It vents out steam from bubbling pie filling while preventing the crust from collapsing into the filling. It will make a great surprise gift because many bakers do not own a pie bird!

3. Silicone Perfect Pie Crust Mold

by Williams Sonoma

Silicone Perfect Pie Crust Mold

Molding the perfect crust is a critical step to achieving show-stopping pies. With this nonstick silicone pie crust mold, any baker can pop out wonderful crust edges in a few minutes. You don’t need to braid, twist, and weave.

This BPA-free easy-to-use mold is the perfect shortcut to decorative crusts.

4. Artisan Baking Bread Lame with 15 Blades

 by Mrs. Anderson

Artisan Baking Bread Lame with 15 Blades

Grab this gift for the baking enthusiast who enjoys making bread. This stainless steel lame accurately scores bread dough. Using the sharp blades on this lame, a baker can leave their individual decorative pattern on any loaf of bread.

Gifts for the Gadget-Loving Baker

1. Adjustable Silicone Pie Shield

by WeBake

Pie Crust Protector Shield

Many bakers use aluminum foil to protect the edges of the crust when baking a pie. But it’s difficult to get non-stick aluminum to stay in place around the edges of a pie crust.

With this silicone heat-safe pie crust protector, the edges of a pie will be shielded as the center fully bakes. It’s reusable, folds up for easy storage, and adjustable for different pie pan sizes. This pie shield is a must-have for every baker’s kitchen.

by Kuhn Rikon

Cookie Set with Cookie Press & Decorating Icing Set

This 23-piece cookie set will thrill the baker who’s always making dozens of delicious cookies. The set has a high-performance, easy-to-use cookie press that pipes out dough through any of the 14 aluminum discs. You can shape your cookies into various fun shapes such as a flower, candy cane, tree, or dinosaur. And after baking, decorate your cookies using the included squeeze bottle.

3. Digital Scale

by Zwilling

Digital Scale

As every baker knows, baking measurements in recipes are not suggestions. Precise measurements will make all the difference in how a baked good will turn out.

Every baker will appreciate a 22-lb capacity sleek digital scale in their kitchen. This digital scale has a built-in rechargeable battery and bright digital display. It has a gorgeous seamless surface that is easy to wipe clean.

4. Dough Riser

 by Raisenne

Raisenne Dough Riser

An avid baker may like this proofer which emits gentle heat to help bread dough rise at a reasonable pace. It’s a great gift for bakers who need a simple quick way to proof yeast but don’t have space for larger proofers. The Raisenne dough riser is super thin and compact. It works best with bowls or jars because its heat is concentrated on a small surface area.

5. Mini Pie Maker

by Dash

Dash Mini Pie Maker in Red

Who wouldn’t love a handy little gadget for making delicious mini pies? With this Dash mini pie maker, you can have pie in less than 10 minutes. It’s easy to operate and clean. Plus, it will make a great gift for bakers who love experimenting with different pie recipes.

6. Bowl-lift Stand Mixer

by KitchenAid

Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield

Every serious baker should have the highly-rated KitchenAid bowl-lift stand mixer. It’s a versatile gadget with 10 different speeds and 10 different attachments for thorough kneading, mixing, and whipping of ingredients. Plus, it has a powerful motor and a large 5-quart bowl. On the downside, some users found it quite loud.

7. Sifter & Scale Attachment

by KitchenAid

Sifter & Scale Attachment

Does the baker in your life already own a stand mixer? If so, this sifter and scale attachment will level up their baking game. This attachment offers precise measurements and hands-free sifting for delicate fluffy baked treats. Plus, it automatically adds ingredients right into the mixing bowl. But you’ll need to note the model number of the mixer bowl before you purchase the sifter & scale attachment.

Gifts for the Entertaining Baker

1. Mini Cocottes Set with Cookbook

by Le Creuset

Le Creuset Stoneware Set of 4 Cocottes w/ Mini-Cocotte Cookbook

This beautifully handcrafted cocotte set is great for single portion desserts. Virtually non-stick interiors and premium stoneware ensure that food is evenly cooked. And the included cookbook has 25 recipes for sweet and savory treats.

With their tough stoneware constructions, these cocottes are safe for the oven, freezer, broiler, microwave, and dishwasher. Plus, their attractive design makes them great for display in a baker’s kitchen.

2. Rectangular Dish with Platter Lid

by Le Creuset

Rectangular Dish with Platter Lid

Know a baker who loves to have people over to relish their latest creations? Such bakers might appreciate a large stoneware lidded dish that makes baking a breeze.

This thick, versatile dish comes with a platter lid that doubles as a serving tray. Yummy baked treats will look beautiful when served on this gorgeous colorful set. Better still, the dish retains heat to keep food warm or cold.

3. Chateau Handcrafted Wood Cake Stand

by Pottery Barn

Chateau Handcrafted Wood Cake Stand

Give the baker in your life an opportunity to display their yummy baked goods and desserts on a lovely handcrafted wood cake stand. This item is great for the baker who needs a stand just as beautiful as their decorated treats.

Crafted of sustainably sourced mango and acacia woods, this stand has a smooth and gorgeous finish that you can wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

4. Marble + Brass 2-Tier Cake Stand

by West Elm

Marble + Brass 2-Tier Cake Stand

With this solid marble cake stand, bakers who love to entertain can show off their creative baking talents in an elegant way. This classy 2-tiered stand will be great for arranging and displaying cookies, cupcakes, and scrumptious desserts at events and parties. It’s also the perfect gift for people who like fancy, stylish, and decorative items in their kitchen. To clean, gently wash by hand and wipe with a soft cloth.

Buns Away!

Don’t miss the chance to thrill your favorite baker with a terrific gift. If you’re familiar with their expertise, kitchen needs, and preferences, then picking out a gift from this list is simple. Otherwise, do a little recon while referring to our detailed selections, and you’ll soon know which gift will be great for the baker in your life.  

Remember, many bakers love practical gifts that will simplify and speed up their creative process. And you want to get them something that they’ll actually use. With this list of the best gifts for bakers, you have a good chance of getting the perfect item. So go ahead. Click on the gift that impressed you and show that baker that you truly appreciate them.

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