13 Best Brownie Pans for Every Type of Brownie

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For fantastic batches of delicious brownies, you need a pan (or two) that uniformly bakes the chocolate-y snacks to your preferred texture. 

Pan size and material play a big role in determining the texture of your brownies. But how can you choose the best brownie pan amid the many options available from bakeware manufacturers? And, do you really need a brownie baking pan? Well, I’ll answer these questions and more in this post.

Plus, I did the research for you and rounded up brownie pans that fit everyone’s taste. Whether you love your brownies chewy with crispy edges or you prefer thick fudgy brownies, you’re sure to find a suitable pan in this list.

Let’s get to it.  

About Brownie Pans

Will Brownies Bake Better in Glass or Metal Pans?

Well, it depends on how you like your brownies. Glass pans gradually heat up to evenly bake brownies with soft gooey centers. When using a glass pan, remember to decrease oven temperature by 25°. Because glass pans retain heat after you take them from the oven, you need to remove your brownies from the pan to prevent overcooking.

Metal pans heat up quickly to deliver chewy brownies with crispy sharp edges. You must keep an eye on the bake to prevent over-browning especially if you’re using dark-colored aluminum. 

Therefore, if you like fudgy treats, you may choose a glass pan. And if you prefer a harder, crispier brownie, you should choose a metal pan. Also, if your recipe calls for a longer baking time, then a glass pan would be best. As you can see, the type of brownie pan you need depends on the recipe and the preferred consistency of your brownies.

Do You Need to Buy a Special Pan to Bake Brownies?

Technically, you can use any baking dish to bake your brownies. But if you’d like to consistently bake awesome brownies with unforgettable chocolaty goodness, then you need a brownie baking pan. Specially designed brownie pans not only make your work easier but also come with convenient features such as baking inserts, removable dividers, and nonstick coating.

Types of Brownie Pans

  • Square and rectangular pans are the most common brownie baking dishes. Simply bake your brownie then cut it into smaller pieces after it’s done. Some of these pans come with divider inserts to help with distributing heat and portioning the brownies
  • Edge brownie pans are designed for people who enjoy crunchy corners on their brownies. Most of these pans add extra edges to the standard brownie.
  • Mini brownie pans are great if you like single-serving baked treats. You don’t need to cut your brownies and you can experiment with different toppings and recipes at the same time.
  • Bundt brownie pans are perfect for creating sculpted bakes that make a statement. These pans add detail and give a fresh look to regular brownies.

Best Brownie Baking Pans

1. Square: USA Pan Nonstick Square Pan

by USA Pan

Bakeware Square Cake Pan

For a pan that won’t disappoint, try this classic square USA pan. This sturdy aluminum steel pan has ridged surfaces that improve airflow and promote even baking.

Made from its patented Americoat and BPA-free silicone coating, this heavy pan efficiently releases your chocolate confections and is easy to clean. For durability, its rim is reinforced with a rust-resistant coated wire that prevents warping.

The best part? It consistently delivers tasty well-cooked brownies with perfect corners.

2. Rectangle: Cake and Brownie Pan

by USA Pan

Bakeware Rectangular Cake Pan

If you are an avid brownie fan, then you need this cake and brownie pan. With its excellent heat distribution, this versatile baking dish will have you whipping up delicious evenly-cooked batches of brownies.

Made by USA Pans, this top-rated pan is sturdy and will last for years. Plus, this aluminum steel pan is coated with the environmentally-friendly Americoat for the perfect release of baked treats and easy cleanup.

3. Bites: Brownie Bite Pan

by Pampered Chef

Brownie Bite Pan

If you like your baked chocolate treats in small portions, then this might be the pan for you. All you need is a standard brownie mix for 24 tasty mini brownies with an awesome texture.

For a special treat for the kids, decorate the bite-sized brownies with nuts, chocolate chips, or candies like M&Ms. Plus, the yummy goodies from this versatile pan will be a hit whenever you’re entertaining.

The handwash-only pan is made of aluminized steel and has a nonstick surface.

4. Silicone: Lekue Mini Brownie Pan

by Sur La Table

Lékué Mini Brownie Pan

With this silicone pan, you can experiment with individualized brownie portions and toppings. With its nonstick capability, each cube of gooey goodness slides out perfectly.

Plus, I loved the professional look and the uniform size of the 24 mini-sized brownie bites. Snacks from this pan are small in size making it a great baking dish for portion control.

The pan is dishwasher safe and has a reinforced structure for convenient transport to and from the oven.

5. Glass: Pyrex Glass Deep Rectangular Baking Dish

by Pyrex

1.5-Quart Clear Basics Glass Loaf Pan

Because of its depth, this glass pan is perfect for soft and thick flavorful brownies.

Made from BPA-free tempered glass, this baking pan is dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and goes from the oven to the tabletop. It retains heat to keep your brownies warm but watch that they don’t overcook.

Never place this baking dish in cold water when it’s still hot. And preheat your oven before placing the dish in it.

6. Nonstick: All-Clad Pro-Release Square Cake Pan

by Sur La Table

All-Clad Pro-Release Square Cake Pan

This heavy-duty square baking dish is great for well-balanced brownies that hit the sweet spot between gooey and chewy. It’s made of aluminized steel and absorbs heat evenly.

And because of its ceramic-reinforced nonstick surface, brownies easily pop out of the pan.

For durability, hand washing is recommended. It has easy-to-grip handles and is small enough to fit in many drawers. 

Its shape, size, and construction make this a reliable pan for people who make brownies on a regular basis.

7. Most Edges: Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

by Baker’s Edge

Baker's Edge Brownie Pan

This list of our favorite brownie pans would not be complete without this Baker’s edge brownie pan.

Those of us who love those scrumptious chewy corner pieces will appreciate a pan that adds two extra edges to each brownie.

This cast aluminum pan is a single-piece construction with a continuous chamber that allows the batter to settle at the same level. And its silicone-based nonstick coating lets food easily slide out of the pan.

You can use it with standard box mixes and it comes with a recipes insert. Moreover, it’s sturdy, easy to clean, and has recessed handles.

8. Bar: Wilton Nonstick 12 Cavity Brownie Bar Pan

by Wilton

Brownie Bar Pan, 12-Cavity, Brownie Pan, Steel

Made of steel, this 12-cavity pan is great for baking delicious miniature brownies with crunchy edges, soft interiors, and smooth sides.

This sturdy heavyweight pan bakes perfectly portioned goodies. Be sure to pay attention to instructions because brownies cook fast in this premium baking dish.

Before removing baked snacks from the pan, allow them to cool for about 10 minutes. The Wilton brownie bar pan is dishwasher-safe. Plus, it will come in handy when your kid wants you to bake a Minecraft cake.

9. Most Versatile: Chicago Metallic Brownie Pan

by Crate & Barrel

Chicago Metallic Brownie Pan

This 3-piece carbon steel pan has a nonstick finish, removable divider, and a lifter base to make baking and taking your brownies out of the pan easy and convenient.

Use the divider for 18 bite-size tasty brownies and the base lifter helps to take your baked treats out of the pan. The metallic divider helps distribute heat for a well-done center.

Brownies from this sturdy pan are delicious, firm, and crispy. But those on the outer side of the pans have more crunch. This versatile pan is safe to store in your freezer and clean in the dishwasher.

10. Crispy: Bakelicious Crispy Corner Brownie Pan

by Bakelicious

Crispy Corner Brownie Pan

With this sturdy pan, you don’t have to fight over corner brownies. It has solid posts within the pan that separate batter to give each brownie four crispy edges.

Because the posts distribute heat evenly in the middle of the pan, brownies will cook faster in this baking dish. This stainless steel pan is perfect for those who love that chewy goodness of corner brownies. It delivers 12 snacks with fudgy centers and 48 deliciously crunchy edges. 

It’s got a nonstick coating for easy cleaning and removal of snacks.

11. Skillet: Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 8″

by Lodge

Chef Collection 8 Inch Cast Iron Chef Style Skillet

This heavyweight cast iron pan is safe for your oven and evenly transfers heat to your food for rich thick brownies. Be sure to check out skillet brownie recipes before you use the pan.

The skillet takes some time to heat up but once it’s hot, it retains the heat well. It’s preseasoned to keep your brownies from sticking.

Plus, you can use this versatile pan for frying, searing, roasting, and browning. It has a long handle and a smaller loop handle for convenient transport.

For maintenance, dry it as soon as you wash it and season it with a little oil before storing it.

12. Molded: Bundt Brownie Baking Pan

by Nordic

Nordic Ware Brownie Bundt Pan

This sturdy cast aluminum pan gives mini brownies a cute sculpted shape. It conducts heat uniformly to bake perfectly shaped miniature brownies with yummy crusts. Kids will love the detailed shape of these mini brownie snacks.

Though it has a nonstick coating, many reviewers recommend using a little cooking spray and flour on the pan before baking brownies.

13. Thin: Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet

by Target

by Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet

If you enjoy thin chewy brownies, then you should try this half sheet aluminum pan. It’s great for even baking and browning.

This pure aluminum pan is easy to clean by hand and does not rust. Plus, its rim is reinforced with steel to prevent warping. Moreover, the pan is versatile and can be used for veggies, potatoes, cookies, and meats.

Brownie Pans FAQ

Does the pan material matter?

Baking pan material always matters. The material affects heat conductivity which in turn will affect the quality of your bakes.

Metallic pans absorb heat quickly and cool down quickly. They deliver well-done browned bakes with crispy crusts. Plus, metal pans are great for capturing the details of sculpted baked goods.

Silicone pans are gaining popularity because of their flexibility and unmatched nonstick ability. They may be a bit floppy so you must be careful when putting them or taking them out of the oven.

Glass and ceramic pans take longer to heat up but cook very evenly and retain heat even after being taken out of the oven. With these pans, you may need to adjust baking time and temperatures. Plus, the pans are sensitive to extreme temperatures. For example, you must let a glass pan cool down before placing it in cold water. Baked goods from ceramic pans have soft centers. These pans are great for thick recipes.

How do you keep the edges of brownies from becoming hard?

To keep brownie edges from getting hard, coat the inside of your pan with nonstick cooking spray and line it with parchment paper. The nonstick spray and parchment will act as insulation to protect your edges from extreme heat. If you are using a glass pan, decrease the temperature by 25 degrees. After your cookies are done, place them in a sealed container, wrap them in aluminum foil paper, or cover them with plastic wrap. This will prevent them from drying out.

What size is the perfect brownie pan?

You need an 8-inch or 9-inch pan for most standard brownie recipes. Large shallow pans make thinner brownies, while smaller pans will bake thicker brownies.

How many brownie pans do you need?

This depends on the number of people who’ll be enjoying the brownies and how often you’ll bake the snacks. A single pan is great if you are solo or if all the members of your household have the same preferences in the taste and texture of brownies. You can get multiple pans if you like to cook multiple batches at once. You may need more than one pan if you want to have the option of cooking either chewy or gooey brownies at any given time.

How to care for your brownie pan

To care for our brownie pan, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Some pans are designed to be only washed by hand. Placing such a pan in the dishwasher may damage its coating and lead to uneven baking and stains. 

Brownie Points

Whether you love them gooey or chewy, rich yummy brownies are pretty hard to resist. With the right pan, you’ll consistently enjoy this delicious chocolaty treat.

When baking brownies, you need them to cook evenly and pop right out of the pan so that the fudgy centers can stay intact. Plus, you want a baking pan that meets your preferred texture. Therefore, you must check the details of each pan to find out if it delivers cakey or fudgy bakes. 

In this list of the best brownie pans, you’ll find a baking dish that suits your needs. Pick your favorite baking pan from this list today for awesome brownies with great texture and taste.

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