12 Housewarming Gift Baskets to Celebrate a New Home

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Moving to a new home can present a rollercoaster of emotions. There’s the joy of coming to a new house.

But there’s also the stress of packing, repacking, and dealing with movers. After that, you need to arrange and decorate your new home. That’s why it’s refreshing to receive a beautiful and thoughtful housewarming gift.

Housewarming gift baskets help you celebrate your new home. And if you’re moving to a new neighborhood, receiving a housewarming present from neighbors makes you feel welcome.

If you need to get a gift for loved ones who just moved or new neighbors on your street, then you’re in the right place. In this post, we have put together unique, useful, and impressive housewarming gift baskets ideas.

Housewarming Gift Baskets Ideas For Every New Home

1. For a Simple Choice: From Our Home to Yours! Wine & Cheese

by GourmetGiftBaskets

From Our Home To Yours! Wine & Cheese

You can never go wrong with wine and a selection of cheese. Wine and cheese are a safe option, especially if you are gifting new neighbors whom you don’t know very well.

This simple yet tasteful present comes in a beautiful box that’s shaped like a house. It includes high-quality delicious creamy cheese, Sweet Soppressata, and stoned white crackers.

Your giftees also get a can of chardonnay and a can of red wine by House Wines.  Plus, you have the option of adding a personalized greeting card to your present.

2. For a Funny Option: You Should Have Moved Closer to Me

by Etsy: myGiftBoxCo

Funny Housewarming Gift

With its funny but endearing message, this gift will make quite an impression.

The gift basket includes a personalized message card, 2-inch succulent, scented candles, and a box of matches. The message card is printed on durable cardstock. And you can add a personalized message on the back. Plus, the succulent is hand-picked and potted in the USA. I love the wonderful fragrances of the soy wax candles. You can choose hazelnut coffee, refreshing sandalwood, or vanilla scents.

As they read your message and enjoy the candle scents, recipients are sure to remember you no matter how far away they moved.

3. For an Eco-Friendly Option: Eco-friendly Housewarming Gift

by Etsy: BrightSideOrganics

Eco-friendly Housewarming Gift

This gift is perfect for people who love items that are natural and eco-friendly. Not only are the contents of this gift box cute and toxin-free, but they are also useful.

The box includes a Turkish cotton hand towel, soy scented candle, organic Goat’s Milk soaps, a zero-waste dish bar, cotton crocheted potholder, and more. You can choose from 5 different gift options. But be sure to carefully read the contents in each box.

This set will arrive in beautiful biodegradable packaging. And you can add a warm customized message.

4. For the Wine Lovers: Wine Night Grand

by Fountain

Wine Night Grand

Impress new homeowners with this wine night grand gift box.

It’s especially perfect for couples who just moved into a new house. With this gift set, they can set up a romantic date to celebrate their new move. It includes one bottle of merlot and a bottle of chardonnay. They’ll also receive two cooling cups, Hawaiian Red Sea Salt flavored Wine Chips and Dry-Aged Ribeye. 

Additionally, you can customize the gift box and include a personalized message card.

5. For the Health Conscious: Healthy Gift Basket Classic

by GourmetGiftBaskets

Healthy Gift Basket Classic

A healthy gift basket makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones and new neighbors who are health conscious. Giving a basket full of nutritious treats and snacks is a great way to show that you care.

This set includes wholesome but flavorful foods that are good for your health. It has pure wildflower honey, immunity tea, raw cashews, gluten-free cookies, and much more. We love the variety of granola bars such as the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar and the Berry Omega Craft Granola Bar.

All the items are shipped in a sturdy small wooden crate.

6. For the Beer Drinker: Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket

by GourmetGiftBaskets

Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket

This beer bucket is a perfect gift for those who enjoy relaxing with a cold beer and a snack. They receive six different beer bottles and tasty goodies.

After all the hustle of moving, your giftees will appreciate a refreshing drink and delicious treats. This gift comes with a 10-quart metal bucket for ice cubes to keep the beers cold. Snacks include gourmet popcorn, roasted pistachios, and seasoned beef jerky. 

Additionally, this is a great gift for special occasions such as Father’s day.

7. For a Personalized Option: Custom Cheese Board Housewarming Basket

by Etsy: LifeBundlz

Custom Cheese Board Housewarming Basket

With this stunning housewarming gift box, you can add a meaningful personal touch.

You have the option of engraving the box with your receiver’s name. And the beautiful acacia wood cheeseboard is etched with a chosen letter. The high-quality beautiful etchings on the box and cutting board will impress your friends.

Apart from that, this set comes with a quick-drying kitchen towel, a succulent, scented candle, and dark chocolate caramel treats.

8. For the Cheese Lover: Classic Cheese Crate

by Harry & David

Classic Cheese Crate

This selection of cheeses will delight cheese fans. It comes with smooth Gouda, blue cheese, and creamy cheddar for the first splendid cheese spread in a new home. The included mixed dried fruits and nuts will perfectly compliment any cheese platter. Plus, the items come in a solid reusable wooden crate.

9. For the Charcuterie Obsessed: Deluxe Signature Charcuterie Gift Box

 by Hickory Farms

Deluxe Signature Charcuterie Gift Box

New homeowners will appreciate this meat and cheese gift box that’s got everything you need for an impressive and savory charcuterie board.

The gift box consists of creamy cheeses, smoky delicious summer sausages, tangy mustards, and crackers. For easy preparation and snacking, it comes with a mango wood serving board and a cheese cleaver.

Plus, it’s a fantastic present for charcuterie fans who want to entertain friends, family, or neighbors in their new home. The quality and quantity of the foods make this charcuterie gift perfect for sharing.

10. For Those Who Need to Relax Post-Move: A Day Off Spa Gift Basket

by Wine Country Gift Basket

A Day Off Spa Gift Basket

Who wouldn’t appreciate an off spa gift box after all the activities of moving house? This gift basket will help recent movers get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

It has all you need for refreshing baths, showers, and foot soaks. Cru de Provence lavender and vanilla scented lotions, soaps, gels, body soufflé, and bath caviar will put anyone in a better mood.

This gift set will be a wonderful surprise for a recent homeowner who feels exhausted from all the moving.

11. For A Bit of Comfort: Soup Gift Basket

by Harry & David

A warm bowl of yummy soup is like a warm hug, especially after a taxing day.

This housewarming gift option offers your giftee three kinds of gourmet soup and premium water crackers. They will enjoy chicken noodle, chicken chili, and potato corn chowder soups. These delicious soups will make memorable meals in their new residence.

Plus, the gorgeous fabric and rope basket will work as a useful container.

12. For a Custom Option: Custom Gift Basket

by Etsy: 512giftsanddesign

Custom Gift Basket

This customizable gift idea is perfect for first-time homeowners or that loved one who just moved into their first apartment. It also works as an awesome closing gift for congratulating real estate clients on new purchases.

You have the option of choosing the number of items you want in your set. Hence, you can stay within your budget because the price varies with the number of items. Better still, you can personalize selected items.

The gift basket may include cups, cutlery, picture frames, boards, succulents, and much more. Each item is tailored to your recipient’s interests. Because of the customization options, you can deliver a truly unique housewarming gift to your loved ones or clients.

DIY Options For Those On A Budget

If you’re on a tight budget or set on making something, then a simple DIY gift basket is the way to go. A customized DIY housewarming gift basket doesn’t have to take up too much of your time.

The first thing you need is some kind of basket. A wire basket will work well and will be useful to your recipient. You may also choose a woven basket or a plastic container.

After choosing a basket, follow these easy steps to create the perfect housewarming gift.

You need to think of the types of items you’ll include in your gift set. You can tailor your gift to a particular room of the house and get as creative as you want. If you choose kitchen-themed gifts, you can choose cookware, practical kitchen gadgets, or ingredients for prepping a particular favorite meal. You can also choose gifts for a dinner party or a romantic couple’s night. Wine, cheese, candles, flowers, and coasters may go in such a basket.

Simple and sweet is the way to go. Avoid overfilling your gift basket. Focus on a few items that you know will be useful, impressive, and practical. Place bigger items at the back of the basket. Work your way up to the front. Shift the items as much as you need to until you get the perfect presentation.

You don’t need large items for your gift baskets. Small practical items are okay. They’ll neatly fit in your basket. And they are easy to arrange. 

  •  It’s the thought that counts

At the end of the day, remember that it’s the thought that counts. A housewarming gift is a sweet gesture to friends or loved ones. And when it comes to a DIY gift basket, the time, effort, and thought you put into it will be appreciated.

Home is Where the Heart Is

If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party, you now have great ideas on what to get or where to start. A well-chosen gift is perfect for congratulating loved ones or welcoming new neighbors.

With these housewarming gift baskets, you can show your support and love as they celebrate their new home. You will help make that new house, apartment, or condo feel like home.

Always go for a gift basket that contains practical gifts for new homeowners. Remember that personalized presents are more impressive and memorable.

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