11 Best Pie Pans for Picture Perfect Pies

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Baking an amazing tasty pie is all about the details. From the crust to the filling to the baking dish, you need to get every detail right.

The quality of your pie plate will determine the success or failure of your pie baking project. You need a pie pan that can efficiently handle classic apple pies and savory creations like chicken potpies. The pan should allow you to prep ahead and to safely store any leftovers.

In this post, I’ve rounded up the best pie pans for a smooth baking process and tasty results. These pans are durable, versatile, and economical. This list also includes gorgeous pans that will pair wonderfully with your beautiful creations for show-stopping presentations.

Additionally, I will answer some of the most popular questions about pie pans.

About Pie Pans


Metal pie plates are constructed from aluminum, steel, or a combination of both. They conduct heat fast and distribute heat evenly. Your pie will cook through will well-browned bottoms. Plus, metal pans deliver pies with flaky golden crusts. They’re also great for blind baking.

However, if you’re making a recipe that needs to cook for a long time, a metal pan may over-brown your pie.

Glass pie pans heat up slower than metal pans. Heat increases gradually and evenly to thoroughly cook your pastry. Because glass is clear, it lets radiant heat through to bake the pie crust. This will result in the crust cooking faster than the fillings. Therefore, you need to lower your oven temperature by about 25 degrees so that the filling can catch up.

Additionally, you can monitor the progress of your pie as it cooks. Also, many modern glass pans are attractive and made from tempered shatter-resistant glass. 

Ceramic baking pans are gaining great popularity because they are so pretty and functional. They retain heat well to deliver evenly cooked pastries. These pans are great for pies that need a longer time to cook.

Ceramic pie pans have great thermal shock resistance. Most of them can go from your fridge to the oven. And they are safe for the broiler. Plus, they make beautiful centerpieces at the dinner table.

Pie Pan vs. Pie Plate

A pie pan is also called a pie plate or a pie tin. Both names refer to a shallow round slope-sided baking dish used to bake and serve pies. These baking dishes come with fluted or flat rims to hold the edges of a pie crust. 


Most recipes call for a 9-inch diameter pie plate. But it’s important to confirm the size of the pan needed for your recipe. You can always tweak your recipe to fit your current pan size.

To determine the width of your pie plate, measure the length between the inside edges of the plate. For depth, place the ruler flush against the inner angled side of the plate.

You can find out your pan’s capacity by counting the number of cups of water it takes to fill the pan up to its rim. 

Pan sizes range from 8” to 12” with a depth of 1” to 2”.  Mini pie pan sizes range from 4” to 6” with a depth of ½ “.


To care for a pie pan ensure that you use and clean it according to the manufacturer’s directions. Check its thermal settings, washing instructions, and storage instructions. Be careful not to subject your pie plate to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Let a hot plate cool to room temperature before placing it in the freezer. You can also place a cold pie pan on a cool baking sheet before placing the pan in a hot oven. This will prevent direct contact between the cold pan and a hot rack.

To remove any stuck-on bits from a pie plate, soak it in hot soapy water for a few seconds and wipe it down with a soft cloth. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or sharp metal utensils that could scratch the surface of your pie plate.

Best Pie Pans

1. Overall: Emile Henry Modern French Pie Dish

by Sur La Table

Emile Henry Modern French Pie Dish

This incredibly attractive pie pan delivers delicious pies that are perfectly done from the center to the edges. It is crafted from Burgundy clay for maximum durability and superior heat retention capabilities. It will be your go-to pan for apple pies, quiches, pot pies, and more.

Due to its excellent thermal shock resistance, it moves directly from the freezer to the oven. And it will look great at the dinner table as you serve your sweet or savory creations. This pan’s wavy edge makes it easy to crimp and decorate your pie crust. Additionally, it’s oven safe up to 500F. And you can use it under the broiler to brown your pie’s crumb toppings.

Its beautiful glaze is scratch-resistant and toxin-free. After you’ve enjoyed the last slice of pie, clean this versatile pie pan in the dishwasher.

2. Budget: Pyrex 9.5-Inch Pie Plate

by Bed, Bath & Beyond

Pyrex 9.5-Inch Pie Plate

Affordable and functional, this pie tin is perfect if you need a reliable pie pan but are on a budget. It’s made from durable non-porous tempered glass. And at 2” deep, this plate is awesome for a good-sized fruit pie.

Its ruffled top lip will guide you as you crimp your pie crust. With this see-through pan, you can monitor your pastry until it’s fully cooked. And with the plate’s easy-grab handles, you can transport it safely to and from your oven.

Even better, pie slices release cleanly without the crusts sticking to the pan. Because this dish is freezer-safe, you can prep your pie, freeze it, and bake it later. This pie pan is dishwasher-safe and doesn’t stain or absorb colors. Plus, it’s made in the USA.

3. Splurge: Le Creuset Heritage Tarte Tatin Dish

by Sur La Table

Le Creuset Heritage Tarte Tatin Dish

This Le Creuset dish is the perfect choice for when you’re ready to splurge on a pie pan. Due to its excellent construction, this enameled cast iron pie pan will last for years. It distributes and retains heat for well-done pies with golden crisp crusts.

This versatile cooking dish is great for classic Tarte Tartin, small casseroles, and cornbread. It also delivers evenly cooked double-crust pies. Moreover, you can use it with multiple heat sources including induction cooktops.

With its large handles, you can safely take your tasty meals right to the table. Its polished attractive finish resists cracks and chips. Better still, it’s easy to clean because virtually nothing sticks to this baking dish.

4. Ceramic: Staub Pie Dish

by Staub

Ceramics Bakeware-Pie-Pans Dish, 9-inch, Cherry

For delicious moist fillings wrapped in scrumptious crispy crusts, grab this heavy-duty ceramic pie pan. It evenly distributes heat to fully cook your pies. And its porcelain enamel glaze won’t absorb moisture from your food. It’s fantastic for delicate bakes such as coconut cream pies. And its nice deep base is great for yummy pumpkin pie, classic apple pies, and much more.

Furthermore, this sturdy pie dish is oven safe up to 527F. With its excellent thermal resistance, you can use this dish to freeze and microwave any leftovers. Plus, it’s available in several lovely colors and comes with well-sized handles for easy portability.  You can serve directly from this pretty pie dish and it’s super easy to clean.

5. Metal: Pie Pan

by King Arthur

Pie Pan

Nothing works better than a sturdy metal pan for a perfectly crisp and golden pie crust. If your current pan delivers pies with undercooked bottoms, it’s time to try a metal pie pan. Made from a mix of steel and aluminum, this highly-rated pan is strong and durable. It evenly conducts heat to deliver wonderfully done pies with well-browned flaky crusts every time.

With this pie tin, you can confidently say goodbye to soggy bottoms. It has a corrugated surface that circulates hot air for even baking. Even better, it’s coated with nontoxic eco-friendly Americoat for quick and clean release of each baked good. Plus, it cleans easily by hand.

6. Glass: OCuisine Glass Pie Dish

by Sur La Table

OCuisine Glass Pie Dish

This pretty glass pie dish lets you keep an eye on your pastries as they bake. It also beautifully displays your delicious creations. Even better, you can slice your pie right in the dish without worrying about scratches.

Made from tempered glass, this glass pan is resistant to thermal shock, shattering, and scratching. It supplies even heat and can withstand temperatures of up to 572F.

At 2” inches deep, this pan is great for deep-dish pies and quiches. Its fluted edge gives shape to your pastry. You’ll love how food slides right out of this nifty dish. Plus, it’s easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

7. Deep Dish: Pyrex Deep Round Pie Dish

by Target

Pyrex Deep Round Pie Dish

This 2.94” deep Pyrex pie dish will come in handy when you want more layers of your favorite pie. It’s 60% deeper than most pie pans so that you can pile in more yummy goodness as you make your pastries and deep-dish casseroles. It’s made of strong heat-resistant Pyrex glass that’s safe for a preheated oven.

This robust dish evenly cooks sweet and savory desserts. Its wide handles make it easy to remove heavy dishes from the oven. Plus, it will conveniently keep your leftovers in the freezer. It’s also safe for microwaves and dishwashers. Besides that, this deep-dish pie pan won’t absorb food flavors and odors.

On the downside, it doesn’t have fluted edges for crimping your pie crust.

8. Covered: Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Hi-Dome Covered Pie Pan

by Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Hi-Dome Covered Pie Pan

A pie pan with a sturdy lid can keep your pie fresh and safe until the last slice is savored. This Nordic Ware pan features a high domed lid to cover every kind of pie including those with tall meringue tops. Vent holes in the lid release moisture from hot pastries to prevent crusts from getting soggy.

The cover is thick, fits snugly, and pulls off easily. The pie plate is made with natural aluminum that holds up well in the oven. It conducts heat well to deliver evenly baked goods. Plus, this hand-wash-only dish is reinforced with encapsulated steel rims to prevent warping.

Additionally, it travels well and is super easy to clean.

9. Mini: Mini Pie Pans Set

by King Arthur

Mini Pie Pans Set

These miniature pans are superb for individual pies or a variety of quiches, potpies, tarts, and fruit pies. With these pans, you can surprise each of your family members with a mini portion of their favorite pie. A 9” pie filling will fill three of these pans. And one pie will be enough for two adults.

You must monitor the heat carefully when you first use these baking dishes because they’ll cook your food faster than regular-sized pie pans. This set comes with four attractive sturdy pieces. Each mini pie pan is made from aluminized steel that uniformly distributes heat for perfectly browned mini bakes.

Additionally, these versatile nonstick pans easily release baked goods. They’ll quickly become your go-to pans for mini treats that are cute and fun to share

10. Removable Bottom: Gobel Standard Nonstick Round Tart Pan

by Williams Sonoma

Unlike cakes, it’s difficult to remove a pie from its pan while keeping the pie intact. With this tart pan with a removable bottom, you don’t have to serve your pastry in the baking dish. A push on the pan’s bottom releases your tart from the pan’s ring.

After removing the rim of the pan from the crust, you’ll be left with an intact pie. Slide it onto a serving plate and divide it into precise picture-perfect slices. When popping your tart or pie from the pan, remember to use a wide jar to support the bottom of the pan.

This particular pan is made of steel and coated with a nonstick finish. It evenly bakes tasty tarts and quiches with nicely browned crusts. 

11. Disposable: Reynolds Disposable Bakeware Round

by Target

Reynolds Disposable Bakeware Round

A stack of disposable pans is great for stocking your fridge with unbaked pie crusts. They’ll come in handy as you prep large holiday meals. Also, when making pastries for potlucks and bake sales, disposable pie pans save you from giving away pastries in your favorite pie pan.

This set of Reynolds disposable pans comes with lids for easy transport. The pans are lined with nonstick parchment liners for quick release of your desserts. Additionally, these versatile baking dishes are great for cakes, cookies, bread rolls, and much more. Plus, they can freeze your desserts for up to three months.

If you use pies weights when baking, remember to place the pans on a cookie sheet for support.

Favorite Pie Recipes

Once you get a pie pan, you’ll want to start making the most of it! Use these great pie recipes as a jumping off point:

Pie Pan FAQ

Should you grease your pie pan?

Dealing with a pie crust that’s stuck to the pan is frustrating, especially if you’re new to baking pies. A stuck-on crust will destroy the appearance of your pastry.

To avoid all that, you may be wondering if you should grease your pie pan. A light spray of non-stick baking spray will keep the crust from sticking to the pan, especially if any filling leaked out onto the pan’s surface. You should not use heavy grease because it will affect the texture of your pie crust.

How do you keep your pie crust from getting soggy on the bottom?

Rich flaky crusts are part of what make pies such precious desserts. Here are several things you can do to prevent your pie crust from getting soggy on the bottom:

• Blind baking: Prebaking your crust lets it set and get crispy before adding any pie filling. 
• Place your pie plate on a hot baking sheet: The baking sheet will increase the heat at the bottom of the pie plate. This will let the crust set quickly before the filling seeps in and makes it soggy
• Create a moisture barrier: Brush the surface of an unbaked pie crust with a beaten egg before adding the filling. As it bakes, the egg proteins will form a layer of protection between the pie filling and the crust. You can also brush a pre-baked crust with melted chocolate to achieve the same results.
• Bake on a lower oven rack: placing the pie plate on  a lower rack will intensify the heat at the bottom of the pie to help the crust get crisp and flaky.

What else can you bake in a pie pan?

Apart from pies and tarts, you can use a pie pan to make bread rolls, lasagna, gratin, and cakes. The only issue is that your cake will have angled edges, which are harder to frost. Apart from that, you can use your attractive pie pans as serving dishes.

How do I use a fluted pie pan?

Fluted pie pans help you frame the edge of a pie crust. They add a decorative flair to single-crust pies. When using a fluted pan, trim off any overhang from your crust, and then gently press down the crust onto the rim of the pan.

One Last Piece About Pies

After preparing a great crust and yummy fillings, you need a great pan to deliver a delicious golden pie. With the information in this post, you can get the right pie plate.

Our top pick, the Emile Henry Modern Classics Pie Dish, has a lot to offer. From functionality to looks, this pan is fantastic for both new and experienced bakers.

With that said, all the pans in this selection will deliver scrumptious bakes. Always go for a pie tin that efficiently transfers heat without burning the pie’s edges. These pans will evenly cook every inch of your crust and pie filling.

With tasty pie recipes and one of these reliable pie plates, you’ll be all set for satisfying baking projects.

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